Saturday, December 20, 2008


Tonight I am sharing a post that is very dear to my heart, a post about my family...I know across the miles I have family that read my blog and this post is for you...I have so many wonderful memories of Christmas, and it's funny that just last night I was reading a blog that one of my dear friends posted about trying to make memories for her children and as a Mother it can exhaust you and make you wonder if they will remember...I'll answer that question for her yes, we do remember, example: Mama Re's house 20 plus years ago anticipating the arrival of family the smell of coffee and turkey in the air, the hugs, games of rook, impatient children wanting to open gifts, and the sound of laughter throughout the whole house, the puppy(Buffy) we got Mama Re that was a holy terror and produced many more puppies through the years the smile she had on her face when she was with her family...yes we remember.
Example 2:Christmas afternoon the long anticipated ride to Pop and Grandma's house for Christmas the smell of chicken and dumplings and Jam cake, and the voice of my Grandmother as I climbed the steps I can still hear her say "Well look come'n here" and Pop chiming in "upon my honor, look who's here!" The waiting to see what my Aunt's and Uncles had sent my Grandparents through the Mail, and my Pop always shaking cards, cloths ect. to see if any money would float to the ground...yes we remember.
Across the road from my house is the home my Mama Re lived in, I drive my kids to the end of the road every morning to catch the school bus, and there we sit as we wait staring at the house that consumed my childhood once upon a time, so while we wait for the bus I tell my kids stories of how the whole driveway would be full of cars from all the family that would come for Christmas and of the Pine trees that once stood in the front yard that served as a play house to so many kids...and there are days that my kids get on the bus and I just stay, right there in my vehicle and think about all the memories that home still holds.
Just this year my Husband took the boys hunting "on the ridge" where my Pop and Grandma lived and which I shared with my kids that years ago ALL the Dover gang would come home during deer season to hunt it was nonstop camo and Aunt Carol's cooking with lots and lots of laughing...My Grandparents lived for those moments.
I put a video at the end of this post, some in the video aren't with us anymore...But I smile when I see there faces because I have so many great memories...Those faces put a lot of time into making mine and your life happy, they loved us like no other could they fixed scraped knees, taught us how to cook, kept every card we ever made them, took our late night phone calls when we needed to talk, taught us how to ride a bike and spent many night assembling toys Christmas Eve night to stand back and watch all the excitement Christmas morning, they spent many hours praying on our behalf unannounced to us, they loved us with an unconditional love. They're our family...and yes all they're time and effort in making memories for the ones they loved was a success!
Wishing all my family a Merry Christmas, I love you!


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