Monday, December 27, 2010

A few Christmas Pictures....

My Christmas present from Husband was a new camera lens...a EFS55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS to be exact...I love it! Still learning but here are some pictures I took Christmas Day.


Christmas 2010 Memories...

Jam cake...

Green felt stockings stuffed with one orange and one apple...

Rook games til midnight...

Cousins that would have the opportunity to torture me once a year by hanging me upside down by my feet (Tony and Timmy...)

Pop Pop shaking every gift to see if any money might be hid in it, and Grandma reading the notes aloud that were in her packages sent from Aunt Carol and Aunt Jan...
Santa (Which was Bob Barnett every year) entering the front door and passing out candy canes...

Never understanding what the adults could possibly talk about so long while eating dinner (dinner first presents after dinner...)

Memories forever engraved in my mind, that seem like it was just yesterday. If I could go back I think I would eat the jam cake a little slower..

Say thank you more than once for the one apple and one orange in my green felt stocking...

Watch a rook game and actually learn how to play..

Hide money in every gift Pop Pop had and take in the look on my Grandma's face a little longer as she beamed with joy while reading notes from her girls...

Hugged Santa's (Bob Barnett) neck for even thinking about entering the Mosby house on Beech Grove Road...

Thank the adults for talking about EVERYTHING for HOURS so I could spend more time with my family (yes even Timmy and Tony)

Memories are made everyday and even the smallest thing could be something that shoots you straight back in time, like you were there all over again. It may not be green felt stockings, jam cake or rook games but we all have something that takes us back in time... Praying you will take time to make memories with your family that they will cherish and share with others someday.

Blessings, M

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Peyton's First Christmas Pictures

If you must know I thought it would be quite easy to take a few pictures of a sleeping baby....

Well I was wrong...

Never knew the damage such a little person could do with his diaper off, lets just
say a baby with his belly full and no diaper on whom decides to sneeze equals a little fire power!

And did I mention the baby only went to sleep for about 2 minutes?

He sure gave me a run for my money but we managed to get some really good pictures out of it....


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Play

Just wanted to share a video clip of the kids singing in the Christmas play...(and yes Cassie's solo too) They all did such a good job!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Meet Peyton Thomas Turner

The best conversations with mothers always take place in silence, when only the heart speaks. ~Carrie Latet

I am most certain these feet are blessed...a strong foundation for the things to come in his life....God has already mapped and planned his life and these feet are gonna take him places...

And be prepared...

Your gonna see this face alot cause I'm sure I'm gonna take a zillion pictures!

I must introduce you to Peyton Thomas Turner...

The miracle we have all been waiting for.

...all 6lbs 10oz of him..

And hows Mom you ask? Well she breezed through labor like a pro barley broke a pain epidural...only a faint quiet conversation with Jesus (where she said "Oh Jesus this hurts") and done...he was here and she had a Coke and a smile..

Darin (Melissa's husband) made it through the whole thing without hitting the floor, and he is all smiles...a very proud Daddy!

Love at first sight? Yep!



Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hello Stranger

Yes I know...I have been away for awhile, my computer at home has been very sick and blogging at work is near impossible. But thanks to someone smarter than I the computer is up and running (very slow but at least it works)

Lots has been going on here in Whoville, we've had Baby Showers, Birthdays, Thanksgiving, and a grand Parade to finish off the week! For those of you who are wondering my Sister (Melissa) is due to have her baby Dec. 18th....actually she is at the point she can go anytime, I am very excited about the baby and I'm sure he will decide to come in the middle of the night and I will have to show up at the Hospital with terribly big hair (this is my fear) my hair is natural curly and when I dry it at night I look like is a truly disturbing sight, so I pray she goes into labor during the day so my hair will look nice for the arrival (grin) And grey hairs have been added to the Medusa hair I have...I now have TWO sixteen year olds in my house, shew where does time go? Chad went last week to try for his permit and he passed his test with flying colors, so now I feel like "Driving Miss Daisy" I no longer am behind the wheel I am now actually under the dashboard praying lots (not really...he is a good driver)

And of coarse we had a great Thanksgiving with lots of food...lots of calories...many grams of was all worth the many extra miles I will have to put on the treadmill this regrets!

And to end on a great note we finished our weekend off with the Marrowbone Parade it was great! I put everything together in a video for all to see! Blessings! M

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


~John Ed Pearce once said "Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to."

My small hometown of Burkesville celebrated their 200yr. Birthday this past weekend I haven't seen that many people in Burkesville in a long time.

They brought back the Riverboat Review Show...something I was in when I was in school (I won't even share how long ago that was) And this year I had the honor of setting in the audience and watching my Daughter preform on the very same stage.

I understand getting older is a part of life that we all must except, but for some reason this weekend made that all the more real to me...

Faces of people I hadn't seen in years, and while setting in the audience listening to the speaker pay tribute to so many that loved this town that have now passed away...time truly does march on weather we want it to or not.

So I took it all in...

Wondering if anyone else was thinking that this is quite possibly the greatest place in the world to live...

I love my town and the people in it, they are most certainly my extended family.

Happy 200th Birthday Burkesville!!

I'm including some pictures from this weekend and a few videos from the Riverboat review Show (one of which is my Daughter Cassie Marie singing her solo "Blue Moon Of Kentucky")


Monday, September 13, 2010

What do you get....

What do you get when you have a teenager with six bucks in his pocket?

Oh let me share with you what you get....or maybe it's just me.... and your teenager decides to take his six bucks and spend it on a sweet card for his dear Mother..ahem..

Last Wednesday night on the way to church...

Chad Allen: "Hey Mom, I bought a duck from a kid at school today."

Me: "Yeah right Chad tell me another good one."

Chad Allen: "Really Mom I paid him six bucks...and by the way he's dropping him off at church, that's why I have that cage in the back."

Me: .........<- that's me praying the kid doesn't show up at church with a duck.

7:45pm Church is over and I walk out into the parking lot to see a crowd of kids around my truck....with a faint "quack, quack, quack" in the back ground.

Cassie Marie barreling towards me screaming at the top of her lungs "Momeeeeeeee..we have a duck!!"

Yep....that's what you get when you have a teenager with six bucks in his pocket!

So Aflac is now offically part of the family, and pretty darn cute if I say so myself.