Monday, June 29, 2009

June 30th...

It has been a year ago today that my Aunt Carol went to be with the Lord...

She Loved the Lord and lived her life serving him in every aspect...her laugh was contagious and her words always soft, her Husband and children her world...

(please pause the music at the bottom of my blog,before starting the video)

Love you Aunt Carol...


Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Key

I had a bright idea last year when we bought a new freezer to get one with a lock on it...let me explain...

During the summer the boys stay home 3 growing boys...that eat ALOT, they can clean out the fridge and freezer in two days flat! SOOOO I thought it would be a great idea to buy a freezer with a lock, and put food in the kitchen freezer a little at a time so they wouldn't go through so much....

I lost the and my bright ideas.

I looked for days searching through drawers, pants pockets, under the key. I spoke with my Aunt Pam a few days later and she said she had one and she would mail it to me. (My Son said that's what I get for locking them out of the freezer, and buying Blue Bell Ice Cream and hiding it in the back so only I knew it was there) (GRIN)

Anyway one day last week I was doing housework and praying and I said "Lord, I know you really busy with things, but would you please help me find that key." and I went on with my cleaning, and about an hour later I went to get cloths out of the dryer and "PING" the key hit the floor at my feet!

Now to some this may not be a big deal...but to me it was...I went yelling through the house at my oldest son "Jesus helped me find the key!!"
His response? "Mom your crazy.."
But I took the time out to tell him I had prayed that I would find the key and to explain that even the smallest things, God cares, even freezer keys....he cares about every detail in our life, we can go to him (and should everyday) So the next time you loose something take time to talk to God about it, even small things...

***NOTE TO AUNT PAM*** I got the key in the mail a few days after I found mine, thanks for taking the time to send it.



Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not As Young As I Use To Be....

I'm finding with each passing year, time isn't as kind as it use to be....

Sunday I decided to buy a small plastic pool for our dog, the heat here in Kentucky is unreal....very hot days, so I thought Pete would like a pool to cool down in....

Pete refused to get into the pool...he wanted no part of it.

So Cassie Marie has taken the pool over.

Which leads up to the "Not as young as I use to be" title...

Sunday when Cassie was swimming, she got water in the floor, so I (in flip flops) start to tell her she needs to get a towel and clean up the water in the house...

As I step out the back door I slipped and fell down the steps...

Poor Husband was standing near by and nearly had the big one, Cassie cried, (because I was crying)

So there I was on the porch in a puddle of water (better water than pee...)with mascara running down my face...

Tuesday morning I go to work feeling the aftermath of the fall and feeling like I have a stomach bug...I left work early went home went to bed, and by Wednesday morning was on my way to see the Doctor, he did x-rays and found nothing was broke...and did blood work and found I did have a stomach virus.

I am SO not as young as I use to be....

In other news Chad Allen and Daddy left out last night for ER Ministries, some of the local Churches here gather up teens (and adults) to work on homes for the elderly, and others that may need things done around they're homes..fixing porches, painting barns, cleaning up buildings ect... I am so glad that Chad is helping, I think the reward of helping others is such a great lesson for our young people to learn...please keep them in your prayers, as they are working in very hot weather, and pray that God will show himself to each one of these teens this week. Blessings!


Monday, June 22, 2009

There's a what in my motor?

Very long story short...

We don't own a kitten.

But when I wake up this morning and get in my truck I hear a kitten in the motor of my truck meowing...

After MANY attemps to get kitten out of truck befor I drive it with no luck...

I (had too Husband had to go to work in his vehical) had to drive my truck to the store (about 2-3 miles down the road)

The kitten road with me (in the motor I mean)

Two kind men saw that I had the hood up in the store paking lot and ask if my truck had quit running and I explained there was a kitten in my motor (still very alive)

They crawled under my truck and retrived the kitten for me.....

So now I have this kitten (that Cassie has now named) that I don't plan on keep'n..

So if you need a kitten give me a call and I'll hook ya up...

Other news...Husbands test (lyme disease) came back neg. his neuroligist called to say his MRI was good except for the "wear and tear" and he would talk to him about that at his next app. Husband has been feeling pretty good the last week...he has really been working on the garden as you can see in the pic's below it has taken off..

I also included some pic's from the trip Dad and Mom took Sean and Chad on:



Saturday, June 20, 2009

To Dad...

I can remember many years ago when I was 12 years old sitting on the couch at my Grandmother Marie's house, we were having a discussion about my Dad, he had made me mad about something (can't remember now what it was) and she said to me something that has always stuck.....

"Maria, love your matter what. Don't take one day for granted...not one, your Daddy will be the one that will stand with you when no one else remember that."
I have never forgotten those words....

What are some things he can do.....

-He can fix pert' near anything

-He can convince the shyest of shy kids to talk to him and "give him five" with a mear jolly rancher in his hand.

-He can teach you how to roller skate.

-He can water ski on one ski

-He can make my boy's believe anything......

What have I seen him do?

-Love God with all his heart

-Give his last dollar to someone in need

-Work all day at a full time job, and leave for a second job working well into midnight laying carpet to make ends meet.

-Go without so my Sister and I could have

-Be my Mom's sweetheart,always dedicated to her.

-Be a Father to the Fatherless

I could go on and on...

He is the rock that this family is built around, he has stood the test of time, our lives have taken many turns, and with each hard left his hands have sheltered us, held us and kept us safe...I know there have been times that he has felt the weight of the world on him, but I know in those times (as he has taught us to do) he has turned to God for strength....

Thank you for loving me for me, thank you for always being there to pick the pieces up for us, thank you for teaching me that no matter what we face in life if we stand and believe, God will walk us through...You may feel like there are times that no one sees the kind things you do, the hard work , the extra time, but Sister and I do...We always have...your love has built a strong family that is forever grateful. I love you!! Happy Fathers Day!!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things...

Getting back into the swing of things isn't always easy.

Tony went back to work tonight after being off for more than a month...I am glad to report that he has had 3 "good days" in a row..We have no news yet on the MRI that was done Friday or any of the other test...hopefully we will hear something in the next day or two.

My parents along with my oldest Son Chad and Nephew Sean have returned from they're journey...with stories of swimming in the lake at Aunt Jan and Uncle Jim's in Virginia, swimming in the pool at Cousin Terry and Rex's in Dover Delaware, to swimming in the Ocean at Cousin Cathleen's in New Jersey....and with them they brought gifts from afar....SUBS from New Jersey...(thanks again Daddy for finding room in the car to bring them back) If you have never had a sub from New Jersey you just can't understand....within the first few hours of being put into the fridge they were gone..Love, Love ,Love them!!
They also returned with tans/burns Chad Allen had the tan...and Daddy, well lets just say his poor legs haven't seen sunlight since our last vacation (3yrs ago) and he had the "lobster legs":)

So now that Tony's returned to work and Chad is home I am working on getting back into a is now 11:30pm one in this house is sleeping yet, we seem to have uninvited visitor's in our yard... coyote's...recently they have become very brave and are getting closer to the house...Chad started for the bedroom earlier and I said "What are you doing?"
His answer..."get'n the gun!"
My answer..."Uh No, I don't think so..."
(Our neighbors already think we're crazy, I think shooting a gun in the dark across the yard, in the direction of they're house would push them over the edge:)

Thanks so much for taking time out to let my Son float in your Lake, pool, ocean...he really had a great time...and to "The Boy Upstairs" thanks for the shirts you sent our way!!



Thursday, June 11, 2009


So how's the weather here?


So how's my day been?


After a CRAZY (do you see a pattern here?) day at the salon I came home to a rather quiet house, Cassie is at her Dads and Chad Allen (LUCKY DOG) is on vacation with my Dad and Mom (and Sean).... on the beach...with not a care in the world I'm with just Husband ,Chase and Kane it was quiet here...until weather alarms on the T.V. and text messages on my phone with tornado warnings start sounding....

So much for the quiet...

So Husband and I had to make the decision should we stay put at home (we live in a trailer) or go to my parents house where there's a basement? Well since Dad and Mom have been gone we have kinda been driving Daddy's (new) truck and since it was sitting in my driveway and there was a chance of hail my decision was souly based on "What if it hail's and Dad's truck gets damaged?"

(Does he know we have his truck you ask?....well he does now)

So we decided to go to Dad and Mom's house to take cover from the storm (and put Daddy's truck in the building where he left it in case it hailed)

So off we went Me, Husband, Chase, Kane and Pete (our chocolate lab)

Nana if your reading this don't worry we took Pete to the basement...but we did have to go through your living room to get to the basement...Daddy parked the jeep to close to the outside basement door and we couldn't get in that way...Did I mention Sister was there too? And Daren, Alex, Allen, Daniel,and two girls (I had no idea who they were)...OH, and They brought Echo, and Lola (they're dogs)

Don't panic Daddy, your truck is fine...yes, we turned all the lights out when we left (he worked for the light company for 30+ years.."leaving lights on cost money")
and Lola(for those of you whom might of forgot Lola is a dog not one of our children) only pooped in the floor once, Alex cleaned it up...(grin)

So we road the storm out and we are all home safe and sound...

CRAZY HU??Blessings!!


Monday, June 8, 2009

The Garden

We decided to expand our garden this year....The thing is when my Dad brought the tractor he and Husband decided how big the garden would be....I nearly had a heart attack when I saw how big they made it!

So now that we have planted (when I say we I mean Husband and his brother, I did help with the potato's and tomatoes) I am so happy with how nice it looks...I took a few pictures to show you our progress.

On a different note we head back to the Doctor tomorrow for a appointment with Tony's neurologist..Please pray, I have many questions...his headaches continue, and his spirits are dampened with each passing day...I know God isn't surprised, he is in control...I sing this song almost daily, it has kept me sane this past month. I know I have posted it before but thought it was worth posting again...God is doing something in the midst of this storm...we just have to trust him!! Blessings!


Saturday, June 6, 2009


Tony felt well anuff this morning to venture out for his family reunion..I snapped this picture of them all together (one brother wasn't there)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh Happy Day!!

I put together a video with pictures from Allen's High School Graduation and Chad's 8th Grade Graduation Thought I would share it with you...

Going there, but not staying there....

I normally don't blog in the middle of the day, blogging is my late night hobby while everyone is sleeping...but last night I started to blog about this and scratched it to tell you about Tony's hospital visit (you probably should read that to understand this) A statement was made Wednesday night in the women's class at church that has stuck with of the ladies was talking about having a friend over to talk to about some things she had been going through, and that person said to her

"We're gonna go there (meaning talking about the pain, hopelessness, hurt) but we're leaving there together, we aren't staying there."

My mind has replayed that statement many times, with everything going on with Tony it has been very hard not to be down, and very easy to let hopelessness creep I watched him last night take his medicine for yet another headache, I felt him going there, and I must admit I had been there for awhile....So on my way home today from running errands I had the great big melt was a private one,(I guess not so private now since I've told you about it) no one with me in the vehicle....there I was at the stop light a big blubbering mess, and God spoke to me loud and clear at that moment...this is what he said...

"Just because you feel like no one is there, I to me about it, I have been here the whole time waiting to go there with you, and to walk out of this with you, I know your frustration, and worry and I see what you feel like you have to carry...but I'm here, you can't go there with Tony until you walk out with me."

Before I entered my home I had walked out of the place I was at..I didn't do that alone God took every step with me...It wasn't an easy place to leave, sometimes it is easier to stay there and wallow in self pity, sometimes it is easier to scream at God and ask "Why are you allowing this to happen?"

But I promise you if you take the high road, and begin to praise him for the healing that hasn't happen yet, the finical breakthrough that hasn't arrived...he will stay there with you for awhile and then take your hand and walk you out.. It may not appear that you have gotten anywhere, but know that you have because you chose not to stay there....

Again, I don't usually blog during the day time but I felt like I needed to share this, Maybe your there, in the midst of reading this, and if you are please know that God will gladly take your hand and lead you out all you have to do is ask...Blessings.