Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just a few Questions...

I was just thinking today if other Moms have the same lingering what is it about the shaving cream that sits on the shelf in the shower? Does it speak to children when they get in the bathtub??? Because obviously all the cans of shaving cream I buy speak to my children to empty the can completely, before they exit the bath...and the soap somehow ends up with a name or some sort of drawing carved into it, that is if they are in a carving mood because some days it's a "lets make liqiud soap mood"..and the shampoo seems to hold a fascination with my daughter, like if you mix red shampoo and green shampoo you get blue shampoo. But since Mom didn't buy blue shampoo you should just go ahead and ditch the evidence and use it for a very large bubble bath....and for all the moms out there that didn't know our razors have dual purposes they work great for haircuts (I don't know his name we'll call him Fred) ..poor Fred..:(

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