Sunday, May 31, 2009

Close your eyes, and click your heels together..Now repeat after me..There's No place Like Home

Tony has been out of the Hospital a few weeks and was feeling much better, I got a call from him Thursday around 1pm he told me he had a headache and was feeling a little on the bad side but was finishing up some work at the house and was coming to the salon in a while. The salon got busy and when I looked at the clock when my sister handed me the phone and said "It's Tony on the phone and he sounds funny." I realized it was 3pm...
Tony said his headache was much worse, I told him to let me call the Doctor and see what he thought (since he had been sick a few weeks before)When I called Tony back his speech was slurred and he said his lips were numb, and that someone needed to come to the house...I called Mom (she was on her way home and closer than me to the house) when I got to the house I found my husband in the bed unable to sit up he was in a great deal of pain the Doctor call back and said to take him to the ER when we got him up he began to throw up..after getting him into the car I followed Mom to the hospital and there began the long hours of pain medication (4 shots of Demeral, 2 shots of Morphine, and 1 of Dilaudid) test, CT scans, and lots of waiting...They admitted him and continued with the pain medication, Morphine and Dilaudid to help control the pain... the following day the Doctor wanted to do a spinal tap concerned about the headache and stiffness in his neck...the spinal tap was unsuccessful after two trys he was transferred to Bowling green medical center for the spinal tap and to consult with a neurologist. There they determined it was not meningitis, but wanted to do a MRI and more blood test...his neurologist put him on Imitrex for cluster headaches and the other Doctor had no blood test back but felt like Tony could go home Saturday afternoon since we had the headaches under control, he said he would let us know about the blood work when it came back...

Now if you read ALL of that and felt a little like it all ran together, and lots of unanswered questions, don't feel like the only one...I'm right there with you...
Tony has been up and around today, feeling o.k. he took an Imitrex around noon and said it had helped kick the headache...I guess we will hear from the Doctors sometime this week on the test. I'll keep you updated. At this point in time I'm just glad to be back home again...There's no place like home!!!

I wasn't able to attend my nephew's Graduation due to being at the Hospital but Pictures are coming soon, I had Chad to take my camera so stay tuned for the Graduation extravaganza (Chad graduates from 8th grade tomorrow night) Blessings!M

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Little something to make you laugh....

Trisha my cousin was telling me about this book The Noticer so tonight I thought I would look it up on the computer...from there I went to the authors web page(Andy Andrews) and found he had a few clips...thought I would share this one with you, it was pretty funny!!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Something To Think About...

Just this past week, I remember praying and saying to God "I want to be a reflection of you Lord, Change what needs to be changed."

I checked my blog last night and went to Misti's blog and she posted something that I had to watch more than made me think about the prayer I had prayed just a few days ago...Change is painful, the familiar is much easier..we tuck things away or clutch things so tightly that we don't even realize they are present in our life...God wants to shape us..he wants to mold us..but we must be willing to let him work...


Monday, May 18, 2009

Good News

Just an update on Husbands test today...

They found no signs of Crohn's disease, the Doctor said that he did see what seemed to be a mild case of colitis...I was so thankful for that news. Husband made it through the procedure like a pro and had not a clue when they took me back to see him after they had a matter of fact he has just come to his senses about an hour ago...
We have another appointment with the Doctor Wed. morning to discuss ditching the gall bladder, and talking to him about treatment for the colitis...

I am so thankful for my Dad, he has went with us to appointments and has been my support while I wait for Tony in the waiting room..(Thanks Dad, I love you)

I am Thankful for my Mom who I know has stormed the gates of Heaven with her continuous prayers on Tony's behalf.

I am thankful for my Sister who has been there to help with the kids, answer the phone at the salon and be my pick me up.

I am thankful for my friends who have called to check on Tony my nurse friends who have taken my calls and answered questions, our family Doctor who has been there from the start of this whole thing, taken calls at home to answer questions, and took the time to pray for Tony..Thank you..your friendship means so much to us.
So this is where we stand today. Please continue to pray that God will guide the surgeon as we meet with him again Wednesday..Blessings!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Must Try French Toast Recipe

I am a huge fan of Diners Drive-In's And Dives a show on the Food Network Channel...I could (and have) waste many hours watching this, I love to cook and I love watching this show that takes you to different states and shows you how and what they cook in they're restaurants..(I get many ideas from this show for new things to cook at home)
I recently watched and episode which featured a restaurant called the Blue Moon Cafe and they were severing French Toast...What was so special about this french toast you ask?? Well good ol' Cap'n Crunch was in the kids love this kind of cereal and I couldn't wait to try it! So we had some last night it was GREAT!! I would post pictures but it went so fast there was none left to photograph....Trust me this is a MUST TRY RECIPE! Here it is:

6 large eggs
5 tablespoons sugar
2 cups heavy cream
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 cup butter
1 (16 ounce) box Cap'n Crunch cereal (don't use the cheaper brands)
1 loaf Texas toast thick bread

1.Pour Cap'n Crunch into a gallon-size ziplock bag and crush to a course meal -- make sure there are a few good size pieces in the mix. Pour into a 9x13 pan in order to dredge properly.

2.Combine eggs, sugar, cream, vanilla, and spices in a large bowl. It will have the consistency of custard.

3.Soak each slice of Texas Toast in wet ingredients, 30 seconds each side. Be sure the edges are moist, too.

4.Dredge in Cap'n Crunch, lightly press onto each side, and around the crust. Place on parchment paper until all slices are coated.

5.Heat 2 tbs. butter in large skillet, then gently place slices in pan; two at a time.

6.Cook three minutes per side.Cook this on fairly low heat or it will burn. Place on parchment covered baking pan in a warm oven.

Hope your family loves this as much as mine!!

***Just incase your checking in to see how Tony's doing...Well...Let's just say he's done his Nana always says...This to shall pass:)***


Friday, May 15, 2009


Tony was released from our local Hospital this morning, and off we went to see a surgeon, in hopes that he would remove Tony's gall bladder...we arrived at the Doctors office at 9:30 and yet again filled out a very long registration/medical history/do you have any money insurance form. The doctor reviewed all the test, lab work, x-rays, CT scans and talked with us about what he thought we should do next (which didn't include ditching the gall bladder just yet) He scheduled Tony for a colonoscopy and endoscopy, for Monday morning. The Doctor wants to find out if Tony has Crohn's disease, if he does the pain in his right side could be from his colon...he is not ruling out taking out the gall bladder he just feels like the Crohn's needs to be addressed first, and to top it off some of Tony's blood work came back positive for food poisoning..(wonderful) our family Doctor said that was the second case he had seen in the past week...(I won't be eating out any time soon now)
So he has lots of medicine to take for now.. Prednisone for the inflammation, Cipro for food poisoning, something for pain, and the "prep" pills that he has to take to get him ready for the test Monday...they use to make you drink something to clean you out...but we found out today they give pills for this now...don't worry he only has to take 32..yep thats what I said 32 pills, 4 at a time 15 min. apart until they're all gone (and drink plenty of water of coarse) he starts this wonderful pill pop'n party Sunday afternoon..(don't worry he only pop's pills on special for colonoscopy's)AHEM..
So this is where we stand for now. I am getting a crash coarse in Blue Cross/Blue Shield Health Insurance (which I am very thankful for) you know the standard
-Pre-Existing Condition Exclusion
-Limitations and Exclusion's
-Post service claims
-Pre-Service claims
Does anyone know what ANY of this Really means? Honestly, I had to go and lay down for a while after reviewing the insurance plan packet today...I have not one clue..seriously..not makes my head spin, I am so thankful there is this little women in the office where husband works that will answer all my questions, she has been a life saver through all of this!
So I must return to the never ending pile of laundry (I swear I think clean cloths jump out of the closet while we are gone and roll in the dirt and scatter themselves through out the house)
Thank you for praying, thank you for calling and checking on Tony, we love each one of you for taking the time! Blessings!

P.S. Did I mention how very happy I am that Husband is home? Just wanted you to know in case I didn't mention it:)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another long day...

Today was very long, My Dad and I (thanks by the way dad) picked Tony up at the hospital and took him to Bowling Green for more test, the test reviled that is gall bladder is working correctly but he has two stones and they seem to roll and stop something up (can't remember what, just remember it's not suppose to be stopped up) and that is where the pain is coming from in his side. So we have an appointment in the morning with a Doctor in Glasgow in the morning to further discuss our options, they did request he not eat after midnight, so that could indicate possible surgery tomorrow...he is still in the hospital at Burkesville tonight.

I think the whole trip to Bowling Green today along with the test threw him into more pain he was feeling really bad by the time we got back to the hospital this afternoon, they wanted to try to give him pain pills to see if that would help, instead of pain medicine through his didn't go over so well he had to have pain meds through his IV around 7:30 tonight, and that I assure you sent him straight to la la land...He had not a clue within 3min of having the shot.

So here I am again tonight missing him very much praying that this will be over soon and having a much greater respect for those who have family in the hospital with long stays....this is not a fun place to be.
I will try to update soon please continue to pray. Blessings.

A quick shout out to my friend Traci, thank you for the sweet comment you left on my last post, you truley are a wonderful friend!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm still here..(and there)

Posting here has been slim lately, so I'll try to catch you up to speed on what's been go'n on...

Let's go back about 2 weeks ago....Cassie came home complaining about her leg, she had fell and scraped her shin the day before, I thought that was what she was talking about...after a few "Mom my leg hurts" and "Mom my leg is really hurting" I finally realized she was talking about the back of her leg, which had a spot the size of a fist swollen, and very red and nasty looking (accompanied by fever) up on further investigation at the doctors office we found that it was an abscess. She had to get a shot (big shot) and take antibiotics, her leg looked much better by day forward to the next week...Cassie had an allergic reaction to her antibiotic, broke out in a nasty rash, now we have to take meds for that (which is much better)


Tony started getting sick last Wednesday he had to work Sat. which is the first time he has worked on a weekend since he started his new job, while there he was approached by his boss about a supervisors job, approached was as far as they got because they realized how sick he was and sent him to the nurse who sent him home and advised him to be taken to the hospital and be checked for the swine flu...(wonderful) to the ER we go, NO SWINE FLU but they do recommend he stay...He is a man...need I say more?(we went home) AND went back Sunday morning for an ultra sound to check his gall bladder...AND went back home to return finally back at the hospital Monday morning where they admitted him...he is still there..he's been very sick....On a THANK YOU JESUS NOTE his insurance kicked in Sunday..God is GOOD even in the hard times!
So We go in the morning to Bowling Green for a test to take a look see at his gall bladder, after the test he has to return to the hospital here and stay until the Doctor tell us where to go from here, it is possible that we are dealing with a bad gall bladder and possibly Crohn's disease too...I must admit that I have felt more than overwhelmed, I have been going to the hospital, staying for awhile leaving there going back to work gathering up kids, going back to hospital til around 8:30 and then back home to get homework, baths, laundry and start all over again...I once heard in a movie a woman say "I'm so tired I don't know if I should wined my butt or scratch my watch." AHEM....

So I'll try to give and update tomorrow night, please pray. Blessings!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

From Me to You Mom....

Relax and take a trip down memory lane with me.....

Things she always said to me growing up...(and still says to me sometimes)

- This too shall pass...

- A fools name is like a fools face always seen in a public place (meaning don't write your name on walls, bathroom doors, school desk ect)


My fondest memories with her growing up...

-She always had time to read to me...many, many, nights every single page.

-We sang in the car together...LOUD..I distinctly remember a song "It's beginning to rain" it was one of my favorites.

- She turned me loose in the kitchen...

- She never missed a day to tell me she loved me...never.

When I was little I can remember when she would make a quick stop in the car and it was something about the minute her foot hit the brake that caused her right arm to fly out and stop any child in the front seat from moving forward...always followed with a loud gasp

When I first enrolled in beauty school she let me color her hair (I had been in school less than a month...had not a clue what I was doing) I turned her hair pink...she wore it with pride, never said a word....

I find myself saying things to my kids and thinking to myself "That sounds just like something Mom would say."

She is a woman of her word, she will never let you down...she's been the piano player, the worship leader the fill in Sunday school teacher, the taxi, the one who takes time out to visit the nursing home (for years) and sing for them and do a devotion, the Mother that prays for her children and Grand children DAILY, the one who will fill the gap when no one else will..she is the glue in this family (it may be crazy glue some days)

So Mom if your reading this, (and I know you will, cuz on top of all the other things your are, your also one of my biggest blogger fans) I just want to tell you I love you, thank you for all that you have been in my life growing up and all that your are in my life today..Thank you for loving God with all your heart, and being the Proverbs 31 woman in every way. Your my rock, my pick me up on down days, your the one who has prayed me through when I felt I wouldn't make it...I love you! Happy Mothers Day!


Sunday, May 3, 2009


Pastor had mentioned for several months now about the Encounter Weekend..This will be the second one we have had at our church..Each Sunday since the first one I would listen to person after person get up and give their testimony on how the weekend had changed their life.

Husband and I signed up to attend it was Friday (6:30-8:00) Saturday (9am-7pm) and Sunday (8:30-10:00) Friday I had to go with Me, Myself and I because Husband had to work (and didn't get home from work until 2am Saturday morning...)

I admit I was a little nervous about spending 9 plus hours in "classes"...BUT, the time flew by and still processing all that I learned, I must say that God had every intention for me to be there....

Like I said I'm still processing.....This was a weekend of relearning things that I knew, like forgiveness...We must forgive others in order for God to forgive is in the Bible, in black and white Matthew 6:14-15 to be exact....

There are things in the past that I thought I was past, I thought I had know that hurt that you have rapped up in a neat little package and tucked away (in my case very deeply tucked away) and thought you had forgiven...and when that hurt was brought back to my attention I knew I had not forgiven that person..and that with MANY things in my life I hadn't forgiven myself, which I have learned through this weekend is sometimes the hardest person to forgive.

In order for God to be able to use us for his work we have to empty out, what ever it may be...where there is bitterness and unforgivness there is no room for joy and compassion...He wants to fill us with so many things but first we must empty out the things that the world has offered us and we have allowed to fill our lives with...

God has called us to be his servant, to lift up those that no one else will.
To stand with those that have been left and deemed of my favorite quotes is from the book "A Love Worth Giving" by Max Lucado this is what it says:

"He loves you when no one else loves you.
Others may abandon you, divorce you, and ignore you,but God will love you.
No matter What."

I read that quote often, and last night it dawned on me...that isn't just for me, it's for the ones that have hurt me....God loves matter what.