Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Band Concert 2008..Meet Chase

So here is my middle sons big intro on the blog He is the "middle child" I never really knew what that meant until he became the "middle child" not meaning that in a bad way at all, he is my thoughtful softhearted kid, he is the one that is very quiet (most of the time) and it has taken him awhile to find his "niche" so the day he came home and announced he wanted to be in the band and play the trumpet I knew he had found his place....I will be honest the first few weeks of practing his trumpet was well...LOUD. But on the upside of things he is doing really well, and as I watched him in his very first concert today I saw something in him I haven't seen in awhile, confidence, he was smiles from ear to ear. As I watched him today I thought about how hard he had worked on learning his music and how much respect these little guys deserved they are doing something that takes talent and requires rhythm (which is saying a lot for my little white boy) So go ahead push the play button on the video below and listen, yes they have a few squeaks here and there, but they are a work in progress!

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