Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Every family has them let me give you the list:

1. "The box shaker" Definition: one who shakes Christmas gift uncontrollably to guess what it might be.

2. "The accidental bumper" Definition: one who "accidentally" bumps or slightly tares a gift to sneak a peek.

3. "The Guesser" Definition: One who continually guesses what may be in the box.

4. "The Shake and Listener" Definition: One who shakes and then puts gift to ear to listen for any sound the gift may produce.

Now for the worst one.....

5. "The Re rapper" Definition: One who opens gift while unsupervised and rerapps gift...shame!

I know you are smiling because you know one of these people OR you Are one!!

Above this post are pictures of a very unusual gift under my tree, thought I'd give you a little challenge and see if you could guess what that gift may be, the winner will receive a gift bag full of goodies from my salon (lots of good stuff!!). Just click on comments at the bottom of this post and leave your guess I'll announce the winner Dec. 26th...(note if by chance someone guesses the same thing the FIRST poster with the right answer will be the winner)


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