Thursday, February 26, 2009

Visiting Continued

My last post was about visiting...and I ask if you visited to leave me a comment and let me know you stopped by...seems I have shy visitors...Sister came through she literally left "a comment"..that's all it said...... funny Sister..VERY FUNNY!!
And I also had mentioned I would take each day to introduce you to the blogs I love to read today that blog is My Charming Kids She will make you laugh and has a great testimony she shares about her youngest son Stellan and the power of prayer. So go on over and visit her...and if you don't mind leave me "a comment" and let me know you've stopped by!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Did you visit today?

O.K. I have been getting random traffic on my blog and I was just wondering who has stopped by to read...the instructions are easy, if you are an everyday reader leave me a comment(click on the word comment below) and let me know you stopped by (Carrie, sister, Mom) if you are a browser and just stumbled across my blog leave me a comment, if you have your own blog leave an address with me so I can visit, love, love reading new blogs!
Each Day I thought it would be neat to introduce you to a blog that I follow EVERYDAY (sounds a little obsessive hu?) and today that blog is Petersonclan . I recently added a new button on my blog titled PRAY FOR MERCY she is the daughter of the Peterson's They have a large family and Carrie (the Mom) cracks me up with her stories, she also has lots of great recipes and great go on over and visit the petersonclan!


LUKE 18:7

"God will always give what is right to his people...and he will not be slow to answer them." Luke 18:7
While reading tonight I came across this Scripture and went back and reread it true it is! Mark tells us that during the storm Jesus "saw his followers struggling" Through the long night he saw them..through the storm he watched them and he waited, he waited for the right time the right moment. I'm not sure what made it the right time why was the ninth hour better than the fifth? Why does God wait til the money is gone? why does he wait til the sickness has lingered? Why does he wait for the bottom to drop out? Those are questions I can't answer, but I assure you I have ask myself many times...but this is what I know for sure his timing is perfect..maybe he waits because HE has a MUCH BETTER PLAN than us...I mean I don't know about you but I often find myself planning everything out. Where, When ,How...and in the midst of that I forget the WHO...Example: Money is low but my job is not my provider, God is the one who provides for me...Penny's may rub together at times but we always have what we need. It has taken me awhile to step back and look at the big picture, to see that even though my husband is on second shift and I want him to be on first...God's timing is everything he hears me each night when I pray that Tony has favor at his work and in God's time he will put him on day shift but until then I must trust he's where he needs to be...
So no matter your situation remember though you hear nothing, he is speaking. Though you see nothing, he is moving on your behalf. With God there are NO accidents. Every Incident is intended to bring us closer to him...plan less, listen more..panic less trust more..he's waiting and when the time is right he will step in! Blessings!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where Does Time Go Continued

It seemed like only yesterday he would dart across the basketball court like lightning...and on this night he would be the Senior. It was Senior Night at his school where they honor all senior sports players, a mild stone that is bittersweet..Allen's father passed away 3yrs ago he ask his Grandfather to walk with him and his Mom on this night..Whew, I can't even type about it without crying, I know his Dad would be so proud of him. He got to start the night of this game (that would be the picture where all the ball players are huddled up Allen's in the middle somewhere) They won by 2pts in a nail biting game...I'm proud of you Allen and I love you lots!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Chad's New Dirt Bike

My oldest son Chad Allen loves riding dirt bikes, he has had sevral over the years and I must say he is a really good rider....and I must also say I look away often because he scares me to death!! But for about 6months or so his dirt bike has been out of commission (which seems to happen alot with dirt bikes) So instead of fixing it this time he decided to sell it and buy a diffrent one, he found one on craigs list and He and my Dad went to pick it up this morning...Chad was up EARLY rare'n and ready to go...What kind of dirt bike did he get you ask? Well...It's Yellow...and I think it's a 250, that would be about all I know except for the fact that even though he hasn't road a dirt bike in 6mos. or so does'nt mean he forgot how to. Two seconds after he started it he blew by me at neck break speed...(maybe that wasn't such a good choice of words to explain how fast he was going)
I think my nephew (the one I posted about) Allen has broken me in on the dirt bikes watching him ride (before Chad got a bike) Well let's just say if your heart can servive watching him on a dirt bike you'll make it (but Chad is fallowing fast in his footsteps when it come to dirt bike riding) I have witnessed Chad crashing his bike wasn't pretty...and people wonder why I'm on bloodpressure medicen!! Any who, I put together a little video with Chad riding, some clips are of him on his old bike (which was VERY, VERY LOUD...thank you Jesus he sold it) and there are some clips of him on his new bike (the yellow one) So set back and watch.

Chad's New Dirt Bike

Friday, February 13, 2009


I have included below the proof that Kids do grow up FAST!! My sister received a video from the photographer that made Allen's (my nephew) senior pictures she put them together in a slide show I wanted to post my own slide show of Allen in his younger years, with that famous smile that melts hearts...It seems like yesterday when he took his first steps, road his bike for the first time, got his first motorcycle where does the time go? He will graduate from high school this year (which makes me feel really old) We are all so proud of him, I know in my heart that he will go far in life (he has a way of persistence's about him) (grin) So set back and enjoy the pictures..

Love you Allen..

Click to play Allen's Younger Years
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Where does the time go?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Update on Chad Allen

So I had mentioned a while back that my oldest son (Chad) had been having really bad headaches for over a year now, after ruling out vision being the problem the Doctor ordered a CAT SCAN which came back completely clear, so we were sent to a neurologist for further test...his appointment was at 2:45 the doctor had been called to the hospital and had just returned as we took our seats (with MANY other waiting people) so around 4:30 they called Chad's name...Let me just add that Chad is 14 he wasn't in the lest excited about being there, and he expressed this to me and Pop (my Dad) EVERY 5 min...the Doctor was very kind and spent time asking questions and doing the exam, he thinks that Chad is having juvenile migraine's all signs point to this (pain on one side of head, twitching in eye, ect.) so he will start a medicine that he takes twice a day everyday (low dose) and medication that he can take IF he feels a headache coming on...we go back in six weeks to talk about if this seems to be working or not. If not we will do other test if necessary. I'll be honest there have been days while dealing with Chad and the headaches that have worried me alot but The past few weeks I have been at peace knowing he is in Gods hands and God has this under control...If I panic, Chad Panic's but if I trust God Chad will fallow and know to trust God. So continue to pray and believe with us that God will heal him.
On a side note Husband has been on the new job now for three days I feel very lost without him here at night, but I'm still trusting God in that area too. As a matter of fact Husband just called tonight while he was on his "lunch break" and said they have moved him to a different job which happens to come with 35 cents more on the hour..3 days on the job..Ahem..I would call that a God thing!! (grin)


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Allie's haircut

Ths is why I love my Job

O.k. so there are some days that I really think my job is not all that great and then there are days like this one that makes me LOVE MY JOB!! In our life time there are people we meet that leave a very lasting impression on our hearts and for me that person would be Allie....She is one of the sweetest little girls you will ever meet and on this day she wanted to cut her hair and donate it to locks of love which takes hair that is donated and makes wigs for children that have cancer and have lost their hair due to chemo...Allie has NEVER entered my salon without a smile on her face, Allie speaks but in a different way than most of us, she uses sign language and more than that her eyes sparkle with a thousand words....when ask if she liked her new hair cut she used her little hand to sign yes....Allie is what makes me remember why I love my job so much...I have included some pictures to share with you, who could not love this little girl?!! Blessings!


The Message

Tonight My post is about a message...I often write about a little girl named Abby, she is fighting leukemia and has been in the hospital for awhile due to sores caused from the chemo...My daughter Cassie Marie and I pray for her every night and last night her Dad (brent) had ask that people would send messages to her either leaving a message on his cell phone so she can hear it or make a video and email it to him. His plan was to take his laptop to the hospital so Abby could watch the videos, something to lift her Cassie and I made a video to send to Abby and we thought it would be fun to include Rudy (my oldest sons guinea pig) I sent the message last night and today Abbys Dad included a video of Abby watching some of her messages and to our surprise as I watched I could hear Cassie's little voice...and at the end of the message...well i won't ruin it for you just watch...the first video is the message Cassie sent Abby and the second video is of Abby watching the video's I think Cassie's is the third one listen and watch her reaction...I think we may be in the dog house with her parents (grin)
And on a more serious note as you watch this video I pray that putting a face and a voice with the name it will help you to remember to pray for this precious little girl..if you would like to read more about Abby please go to or click on there blog which is located on the right of my blog. And remember your comments are always welcome so if you would like you can leave me one anytime!


Abby watching a few video's she recived

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Finally...A New Post!!

Had a phone conversation with one of my fellow bloggers this afternoon (Carrie, over at the Petersonclan) and she mentioned that I haven't posted in awhile (which made me feel good, it's nice to know someone out there reads my blog:) The reason? I think it's a combination of busy, tired and blogger's block...For some reason this week has been very busy, out of step, just an off week. Anyone out there ever had one of those weeks? We have had a day out of school because of the weather which means I have to place little people (Chad, Chase and Cassie Marie) in various places, like Cassie goes to work with me and the boys go to Mom's or Melissa's and there was a day that school was an hour late and while we were waiting on the bus (we have a long drive so I drive the kids to the end of the road and wait and let them out of the truck when the bus gets there) and right when the bus pulled up Chase tossed his cookies in the back seat...very unexpected and VERY gross, so he stayed home feeling pretty bad that day, it's just been a funky week....and there is the job change..let me explain, work has slowed down for my husband in the last few months (he builds houses and does construction) so we have been praying God will give us direction. He has put in a few applications and a factory called this week and wanted him to come in for a interview...he got the job! He will start Monday...the down side? It's second shift, the up side GREAT INSURANCE AND BENEFITS!! I feel at peace with the job switch I'm just gonna miss my Husband! Second shift means he will be going to work when the kids and I get home...Some people think that is the ideal marriage, sorry not me...I happen to love spending time with my husband so I'm praying God will see me through, the next few months and believing he will place Tony on first shift soon...:) We're both trying to work on our attitude, I mean we ask that God would send him a job and he did just that....funny how we moan and groan about things pray that God give us something and when he does we complain...just an observation. I trust that God sees the big picture and he knows whats going on so I choose to trust and Thank him for this!!

Well on a side note I sometime mention the little girl Abby on here and though I haven't posted on my blog in awhile I have been fallowing the blog about her, she is a very sick little girl. She was adopted from Guatemala and found her home with Brent and Michelle Riggs and there children she was also diagnosed with a aggressive form of Leukemia, she has been in and out of the hospital and as we speak has been in the hospital for a few days now, I find myself thinking of this little girl very often during the day and praying through he day that God will give her parents wisdom and strength, as a parent of healthy children I forget how very blessed I am and all the things that I think are such a big deal in my life is nothing compared to what this little girl and her family are going through, so if you want to fallow and join in prayer with so many others go to Brent (Abby's Dad) updates the site often and in the midst of their pain he finds hope and shares it with so many others, so go visit and let them know you are praying!! Blessings!


Monday, February 2, 2009


What do I LOVE to do in my spare time you ask? Cook! This is one of my passions, I spend hours at home looking through cookbooks I love, love, love the food network channel and spend lots of time combing the Internet for recipes. Just today my husband and I were talking about Valentines Day and I told him I didn't want flowers I wanted a new knife instead (all my paring knives have mysteriously disappeared) he thinks I am a little strange and he wasn't sure about the whole knife thing for a Valentines Present:) My parents got me a new mixer for Christmas, you know, one of those nice upright mixers, I Love IT!! Just today I used it to make a no bake chocolate cheese cake. We won't talk about the nutritional value but it is really good and super easy to make, I'll include the recipe for you just in case you want to try it remember small's very rich but if you are having a chocolate moment this is for you...


1 graham cracker pie crust

8oz bakers chocolate squares (melted)

2 packages cream cheese (softened)

3/4 cup packed brown sugar

1/4 cup white sugar

2 tablespoons milk

1 teaspoon vanilla

combine all ingredients and mix with a mixer for 3 min. making sure mixture is smooth. Pour into pie crust and refrigerate for 2 hours.