Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back to the real world..with stomach pain...

First just wanted to give you a quick update on baby Stellan, MckMama (his Mother) reports that he is fairing much better still in the ICU but doing better so please continue to keep them in your prayers!

Here on Beech Grove Road Husband and I have had to get back to the real world and go back to work today, the kidos don't return to school til next week so things are still a little crazy trying to figure out who will go where...and seems that there is some sort of stomach bug lurking on the home front...I had a touch of it Christmas day and it has kinda been going from person to person here at the house...Cassie reports that she feels "yucky" Kane is on the couch with stomach pain and Chad has just taken medicine for a headache....with Chad the headaches have been going on for months he had a CAT scan last week results found nothing so we have been set up for the 27th of this month to see a neurologist he has been having a great deal of pain on the right side of his head and has developed a twitch in his left eye, so please pray that we will find the problem soon he is not happy about any type of doctor visits therefore he often goes without letting me know when he feels bad...I'll keep you updated on our doctor visit.
Praying each of you have a blessed and Happy New Year!


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