Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Let'n the cat out of the bag

I have literally sat on my hands for days now busting to blog about a great big



Are you ready?

If you happen to make it a habit of standing up while useing your computer you should really set down...really.

Cause I was driving down the road when I got the call and almost got to try out the full coverage plan on my vehicle insurance...

Are you ready?

Here goes...

Just a year ago I blogged about my Sister getting married...

Nine months from now (Actually eight months) I will get to blog about the new addition...


Shock? Uh yeah... But we are all so happy!
I don't think you could get the smile off my Brother-In-Laws face if you tried...

Her due date is December 19th, Who could ask for a better Christmas present?

SHEW!! I feel lots better now that I have shared "The secret" with you which is not such a secret since I have blogged and told the whole world (grin)



Sunday, April 18, 2010

Priceless Pictures

Saturday while I was at work Daddy came down with the tractor to disk the garden, seems like it is a magnet for kids and in this case Pete too...Tony ran and got the camera and took a few pictures..Husband knows me so well he knew this was blog material (this blog'n thing is contagious ya know)

Garden season has officially started Husband and I put out two rows of potatoes and a row of beets....This is our first year growing beets but ask anyone in this house and they will tell you I have become addicted to pickled beets...really...I eat them EVERY night! So I'm gonna attempt to grow them and can some this summer.
I can't wait to get the rest of the garden out, it;s still a little early yet so we are gonna hold off til the first week of May.
More Pictures to come!! Stay tuned. Blessings.


Monday, April 5, 2010

***Notice*** I did take a few...(I stress a few) of these pictures Sunday afternoon at Dad and Moms house...seems while I was trying to prove to Chase that I hadn't lost my touch and I could still indeed ride a dirt bike my camera was high jacked by someone whom acted as though they were the paparazzi, I won't name names...(Allen) So while some were keepers there would be no way I could post them all..it took me an hour to go through and look at all that were taken...uh, 406 were taken to be exact..but I will include a few that are what we would call "paparazzi moments"
We really did have a great day, with great food and a very long game of corn hole (about 4 hrs.) in which I have no idea who won...