Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Littlest Star

O.k. if you have been fallowing my blog lately you have noticed a lot of pictures and videos, we have had lots going on this past week and one of the biggest was our play at church, my daughter Cassie was in it. It wasn't the typicale Christmas play that most will attend this year, it was about the Littlest Star (played by our very own Anna Peterson) that God chose to announce the birth of our savior. I was so impressed with how well our children in the first scene did! They have made a DVD of the play and they also have books available for sale I will include in my next post the website you can go to and order them I encourage if you have children to order the book it is WONDERFUL and truly shares the meaning of the great arrival of our savior! Hope you enjoy the pictures and the video I have included!

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ebergs said...

Hi Maria,

I got here from Carri's blog. We go to church together and Dan and Chad go to school together (they played football togehter a couple years too).

Wish we could have seen the play...we were already booked that weekend. What we saw in church was great though!

Love your blog!