Monday, March 30, 2009

Two Little Boys

It has been a few days since I have posted, my computer is doing strange things and I can't seem figure out what the problem is...Updated on Cassie she is much better and has went to spend Spring Break with her Dad..Chad and Chase have been rash/strep free (Thank you Jesus!)

If you will noticed I have added a button on my page it is a Pray For Stellan reminder, Stellan is the son of McMama (a blog I read everyday) he has been in the hospital for nine days now with a heart condition called SVT which means his heart is beating really fast and won't slow down (300 beats per min.) the Doctors are having a hard time with treatment nothing seems to be working..if you would like to read more please click on the Stellan button that will take you there..

And then there is Cayden a two year old little boy that goes to the same church I go to....he was sent to Kosairs Childrens hospital last week with double pneumonia and a viral infection after being in the Hospital they found that his heart was enlarged, they aren't sure if his heart condition was caused by the viral infection our if it already existed but as of today he has been put at the top of the list for a heart transplant...did I mention he was two...?

I'm tell'n ya I can't get these two little boys off my I don't know personally but feel like I do because his Mom writes about him often on her blog..the other, I had his Mother in my youth group when she was a teenager..I did her hair for prom...and I have watched her grow up and turn into a wonderful beautiful Mother who my heart breaks for...
I know that God is in control, I know he sees, these two little boys...I know he hears the Mothers crys and prayers on their please join with me and so many others in prayer for Stellan and Cayden, pray that God will move Moutians and heal them! Blessings.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Coughing, Itching, Fever

What's been going on around here you ask? Well as I write this post Cassie is in our bed having a coughing spell...

It started two weeks ago we had taken her to the Doctor with a cold, he gave her Cough medicine and I have been giving her a dose everyday, well the coughing got worse last night to the point she sounded more like a dog barking than a child coughing, after 11pm she was begging for something to make her quit coughing, and by 11:30 she was running a fever, after consulting with a nurse from the ER on the phone they determined she could have more cough medicine and a dose of Motrin for her fever...then she starts clawing at her neck and chest saying she is itching and burning...I lifted up her shirt to discover a rash all over her...GREAT...

So this morning we took a trip to the Doctor Cassie has Strep throat, Scarletina, and a ear infection...I must say I was not feeling like I would get the Mother Of The Year Award after leaving the Doctor's office how did I not see this coming? I thought it was just a cold...The Doctor said she had seen alot of all three things going around at Cassie's school, Cassie Just happen to get all three all at once....GREAT!

At the moment Cassie is Contagious, so we have one cup in the house that is marked for Cassie only, we have discarded her tooth brush, and tried to keep Chad and Chase away from her...They gave her some night time cough medicine that has codeine in it to help her sleep it has helped except now she is talking....Chase just came in to tell me good night, Cassie is saying she wants her hair in a ponytail, while holding her finger up in the she may bust out singing this little light of mine any minute...Chase looks really confused and wants to know who she's talking to and why does she have her finger stuck up in the air..I'm trying to explain to him she's asleep...he seems to think she's "just weird"

Even in sickness and sleep..Never a dull moment around here! Blessings.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We had an appointment with the neurologist Tuesday morning I went all equipped for a long stay, it seems to take a long time to see the doctor but we had no sooner walked in a registered when they called us back, I reported to Dr. Zuh that Chad had done really well the first 3 weeks with no headaches and the last 3 weeks he had a lot of headaches again. The Doctor ask me to start marking a calender every time he gets a headache so we can keep track of how many he is having, he decided not to increase the Propranolol,(the medicine prescribed to prevent the headaches) the beta blocker he is on we will stay with the same dose, but take one pill that is a time release capsule instead of two 40mg pills twice a day..which makes my life much easier...He wants him to continue to take Maxalt (the medicine for the migraine's) when he feels a headache begin to start...We go back again in two months for another check up. So all in all things went good...Thanks for all the prayers! Blessings!


Monday, March 23, 2009


Misti my blogger friend had a post where she ask her children questions and had them to write the answers...they cracked me up! She ask that her blogger friends would go through the same questions with they're kids and see what the answers I gave each child a paper with the questions and ask them to answer them very nervous with great confidence they would give great answers...**NOTE** My very moody, grunty,do I have to do this,wonderful cheery 14yr old son gave very "teenage" answers...You gotta love this age.


Cassie:I love you

Chase: Stop doing that

Chad: Quit buggin Cassie


Cassie: Saying yes mam

Chase: When I do the dishes

Chad: Clean house


Cassie: saying your mean

Chase: When we fight

Chad: Us fighting


Cassie: Dancing

Chase: Tickling me

Chad: Getting so mad she laughs


Cassie:she had glasses like me guess..

Chad: Just like me


Cassie: 32

Chase: I do not know...

Chad: 31 or 32


Cassie:5 foot 2

Chase: I do not know



Cassie: hug and kiss Tony

Chase cook

Chad: cut hair


Cassie: cook

Chase: read the bible

Chad: I don't know I'm not around (typical teenage answer)


Cassie: hairdressing

Chase: cooking

Chad: cutting hair (watch out Paul Mitchell according to my kids I'm gonna give you a run for your money! HA!)


Cassie: hairdressing

Chase: cooking

Chad: cutting hair


Cassie: Dancing

Chase: sitting still

Chad: playing games (xbox is not my thing..pacman was.)


Cassie: steak

Chase: chicken

Chad: I don't know


Cassie: going to church

Chase: cooking (cuz that boy loves to eat!)

Chad: I don't know ( lovely answer hu)


Cassie: Stuart Little (she thinks I would be a mouse?)

Chase: Micky Mouse (do you see a pattern here?)

Chad: Super woman (ahh, that was sweet)


Cassie: cook

Chase: cook ( I call him chef boy R C)

Chad: watch movies


Cassie: we both have freckles

Chase: eyes

Chad: We both got in trouble when we were young (ME?...TROUBLE...NEVER!)


Cassie: She's 32 and I'm 8

Chase: I do not know

Chad: I have a worse temper (little does he know God has done a lot of work on me in 32 years!)


Cassie: she gives me hugs and kisses

Chase: I JUST DO!

Chad: Tells me all the time (he writes this answer with a so teenage eye roll)


Cassie: home

Chase: Home in bed

Chad: bed

So there you have it this is me through my kids eyes!

Just to let you know we take a trip back to the neurologist tomorrow with Chad for his six week check up...The beta blocker he has been taking everyday (twice a day) has helped a lot he went almost three weeks with no headaches, but these past three weeks he has had numerous headaches, seems like a roller coaster maybe we will get some answers tomorrow. I'll post tomorrow and let you know! Blessings!


Saturday, March 21, 2009


I think there are so many who start the race to only get half way through and give up, feeling defeated...if you are there, in that very spot you know where I'm coming from..

In 2 Timothy 4:7 it tells us "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."

I understand you may feel tired of fighting the good fight, you may not understand looking down this long stretch of road called life where in the world it is taking you, doubt may linger in the back of your mind that you have a life that looks like a train wreck, a body that feels like a abandon shell and a heart that can't take one more ache...

Psalm 121:7-8 "The Lord will keep you from all harm-
he will watch over your life;
the Lord will watch over
your coming and going
both now and forever."

Your not alone on this race, he will take each step with you. When you are uncertain of what's ahead he already knows what's on the horizon, The days you feel like quiting he will pick you up but you must allow him too...when you fall listen for his's there I may only be a whisper but he is telling you to get up and win the race! Blessings!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Reminder and a Shout Out

I know I have mentioned a few times on my blog about this WONDERFUL, AWESOME, GREAT magazine SERIOUS LIFE MAGAZINE but I wanted to take the time to mention it again. If you haven't visited this magazine you should really take a few min. and do so, you can also sign up for a subscription, it is completely FREE and will be sent to you online...and I must mention in this issue (March) Cassie Marie's picture is in the magazine so now you have to visit to see if you can find her (grin) just click on the magazine cover below and it will take you there!

On another note I just wanted to give a big shout out to my Indiana fans...Aunt Pam and Renne...You don't know each other, but the funny thing is you both grew up here and now you both live in Indiana and you both left me a comment on the same day! So (((HUGS))) to you both I love you guys!

Serious.Life Magazine" />

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Taking a wrong turn...

At the moment I didn't feel all that smart, a little nervous..and it didn't help having my 14 year old son in the front seat telling me how lost we were. Let me explain. With my Husband on second shift it creates a little glitch in our routine, he picks his son up every other Friday to spend the weekend with us, but now that he has to be at work we had to change plans, Kane (my stepson) has recently moved and my Husband had drawn me a map carefully marking each light and turn, to insure his lovely wife with a great sense of direction not a clue when it comes to direction would make it to her destination...might I add it was dark, and raining..I was in a strange place, and he DID say a zillion times a few times TURN RIGHT AT THE FIRST light...well that's just what I did and ended up in a very dark neighborhood...I was lost, with no way to call Husband and a cell phone beeping warning me of a low battery and no car charger AND a 14yr old know it all helpful calm son telling me something I already knew WE ARE LOST
I said all that to say this..we all turn right at the first red light down the wrong road some where in our life, we took the wrong turn that took us to the wrong road that left us in the wrong place and at some point have come to the NO OUTLET sign..
In Romans Paul tells us we've all made wrong turns. Not in cars at the stop lights but with our lives and God. Romans 3:10 There is no one who always does what is right, not even one. We have a map all drawn out and sometimes we take wrong turns, sometimes it takes us down very dark roads, we feel like we have reached a "NO OUTLET" sign with nowhere to turn...Remember there is always a place to turn a around God is just a breath away for directions...put your life in revers, back up, learn from the past wrong roads and don't retrace them..ask God for forgiveness put it in drive and move on...It's that easy!
Did my Son and I find our way you ask? After a few hours minutes we did find the right house and made it back home safe and sound..Thanks for asking! Blessings!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Snow and Anniversaries

The weather here in Kentucky is crazy...Monday it was 75 and Tuesday 80 with lot of well we have snow EVERYWHERE!! I am so ready for spring, warm weather, gardens...As I type this post I can hear the local news channel giving the list of school closings, are my kids excited you ask? NO, they were already scheduled to be out tomorrow for a professional day.
Chase is a little under the weather tonight, he has been fighting a cold all week. Cassie is still feeling bad but did go to school today.
Pop and Nana have flown the coop (my Dad and Mom) they are off to the Great Smokey Mountains to celebrate they're 41st Wedding Anniversary...WOW 41 years! Mom called me a few min. ago to say they had made it o.k. and to "RE Remind" me of the list of things that my Sister and I needed to do while they were gone (some things never change, even when your 32 years old:) My Dad stopped by my salon before they left and brought the card he had bought my Mom in with him so I could read it...I almost cried as I read it, it was so sweet...he spoils my Mom and I love him for that..when I step back and watch them together I see 2 people that have walked the road of bumps,hurts, steep hills and low valleys, proud moments, and heart wrenching tears only to walk every step together hand in hand with God smack dab in the center of it all...they never quit, never gave up and for that I love them even Happy 41st Anniversary Dad and Mom, I love you!!


Monday, March 9, 2009

New Issue

Just wanted to post that the new March issue of Serious life magazine is out, please take a little time to visit, they have something for everyone!

Serious.Life Magazine

This to shall Pass...

To all my blogger friends out there I haven't skipped town, last week was a busy week and I just didn't get around to posting...I'm still trying to get use to Husband working 2nd shift...missing him a lot, but still trusting God that he is where he needs to be right now.

We started new classes on Wednesday night at church, I think the class my sister and I are taking will be great! I will be taking one week out of the month to help teach the teen class....a little nervous about that (this wed is my week) so please pray.

Uhmm...and lets just say God is working on me...Chad had 2 headaches last week, we have started him on some meds (as needed when he gets a headache) they seem to help.
Cassie got up this morning with a fever and has been feel'n "yucky" all day, she came in the bedroom a few minutes ago very upset because her nose is all stopped up, I gave her some medicine and she is now out (in my bed...)
Chase had a little run in with the weights in the gym yesterday afternoon he hit his mouth on the bar of the weights and chipped his two front we have been at the dentist today doing x-rays..good news the fracture does'nt go to the root of the two teeth...bad news we have to wait a week to get them fixed, due to they are both loose and very sore, they want to wait and let them "tighten up" some and in the mean time there is a possibility that they could become abscessed and require a root we have to wait and see what Monday brings.

Whew...and at times like this when things get a little crazy around here I hear my Moms famous words that ring so clear..."This to shall pass"

How true! Loose teeth will tighten up, headaches will go away, and noses will unstop...yes, this to shall pass (WOW..I sound just like my Mom)


Tuesday, March 3, 2009


There are just some things that catch me off guard and make me laugh...Like tonight when I was watching something on T.V. and this commercial came cracked me up!

Pretty Funny!

So on to introducing a new blogger friend her name is Angie her blog is called Bring The Rain...she and her Husband have a story of pain and healing,God has brought them through so much..she is a must visit Blog..just click on the button below. Blessings!


Monday, March 2, 2009

Proverbs 29:18

"Where there is no vision the people perish." (Proverbs 29:18)

None of us can live life without a vision..having a vision doesn't necessarily mean knowing the absolutes about whats gonna happen next but it does mean having a general direction you're moving in...having hope that something good is on the horizon...

13 years ago facing life as a single Mother of a one year old I had no idea what direction to go in, I was living on my very meager income working as a CNA at a Nursing Home and when I began to pray about my future I knew I had to make a change. I always wanted to go to cosmetology school (my Mother nearly had a heart attack) so one day I went and signed up...It took 2 LONG years (for normal people with normal lives it only takes 10 months...I repeat NORMAL PEOPLE, I'm not even gonna go there) but I had a vision..It was knowing I did have future and a purpose, and that it was gonna be bright (with a few rough starts here and there...AHEM...never mind)
The sad thing is not every person has that certainty...and when they don't (have a vision) you can almost see the life draining out of them...even some that have a vision can loose sight of it they get overtired, burned out, beaten down..distanced from God. See I kept my eyes on God (don't get me wrong they're were days I wanted to quit) and he helped me to focus on the vision I can remember many endless nights laying in the bed with my son next to me crying out to God "I CAN"T DO THIS!!" and he would always restore the vision and remind me he is right by my side.....
That has been 14 years ago, I have been doing hair for 11 + years and now own a salon in the community that I live..
God doesn't want us to know the future, he wants us to know Him. He wants us to trust Him to guide us into the future one step at a time. In order to understand God's leading, we must seek Him for every step. "Those who seek the LORD understands all" (Proverbs 28:5). We must also stay close enough to hear His answer. The Lord is the giver of vision; pray and look to him for it. With God your future is secure!

Next on my list of "meet the bloggers"...The Riggs family I have written about them often on my blog. They're daughter is Abby, she has been very sick with leukemia and as I write this post she is back in the hospital...I read the post that her Mom and Dad write and I'm in awe of how they hold it all together...but they have a special glue...his name is go on over and visit the Riggs Family and remember they're sweet little Abby in your prayers. Blessings! !!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Afteroon At Pop And Nana's

We haven't had a Sunday afternoon at Pop and Nana's in a long saying that I mean we (all children, grandchildren, and whom ever may show up..they have never turned away anyone) invade Pop and Nana's house to get together and EAT!!! My Dad cooked a country ham and to some it may sound strange, but my Grandparents use to cook it this way and it is yummy!! You must have a lard stand, which is a VERY LARGE metal container that was used once upon a time to store lard rendered from hogs.. they are very hard to find, since many people no longer use them...but Pop was on a mission and I'm not sure how many miles he drove but he found one Friday. The process in which you cook this ham is simple, you take a WHOLE country ham wash it off place in lard stand fill with water add 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup brown sugar place the lard stand on stove burner and bring to full boil, turn down heat and cook for 45 min. now comes the "that's strange, but it work's step" (think little house on the prairie) use a LARGE tote place a blanket or two in bottom, then newspaper and set the lard stand in the tote(lard stand must have lid on tightly) wrap tightly with quilts and blankets all around lard stand (top too)and let set for twelve hours......after twelve hours remove ham and slice! This will feed a small army (which would sum up the size of my family) So go ahead give it a try....I'm tell'n ya our Grandparents knew what they were do'n when it came to cook'n!!!!

Speaking of small army.....I continue tonight with introducing you to my next "blogger buddy" the Sweet Savages Love, Love, Love reading this blog, I go to church with them and they have a beautiful family, they live on a farm and often post pictures of there new baby animals (this week a new baby lamb...soooo sweet) so go on over and visit!!