Sunday, March 28, 2010

I am at a loss for words as I write this post.

Heavy hearted, sadness, and many tears are a few words to describe the state of our small community here in Marrowbone.

Friday morning we heard the news of a terrible accident involving a semi and a 15 passenger van carrying 12 people (10 of whom were a family)

With later news we found out those people were from our small community here in Marrowbone a Mennonite family on there way to a wedding in Iowa, the van carried a family of 10 the Esh family, one young man Joel (who was engaged to Rachel Esh) and a family friend Ashlie. All perished in the accident except two of the younger children that were recently adopted from Guatemala.

I would be lying if I said I haven't question God...

The Esh family holds a special place in my heart as I remember 4 yrs. ago when we lost my Brother-in-law in a very tragic accident...they came to my parents house to offer they're condolences, offer their friendship and prayers for our family just the day before the Esh family lost they're Son John Esh Jr. in a snowmobile accident while on a missions trip in Ukraine...they were grieving the loss of their own Son and took time to extend their prayers and friendship to our family..I have never forgotten that.
Joel lived just down the road from us I cut he and his Brothers hair, a few years ago when the building beside our house burnt down they along with their Father were the first to arrive and offer their help..He was a very hard working young man, who loved God with all his heart, I will miss him greatly.

Yesterday as I drove through my small community to go to the gas station the feeling of sadness was very apparent for everyone, the quietness of the people here spoke so loudly as truck loads of chairs were being assembled in the building the Mennonites own preparing for the funeral services...the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach became more intense as I watched the Media buzzing about and reporters walk with pens in hand to collect a story for the news....

The thing is I'm not sure they will ever have the full story of how this has changed so many...
I began to pray on the way home for God to help me understand, how something so tragic could heart breaks for the family's..not just a wave of sadness a very present, I can not sleep grief...But God sees the bigger picture.

The Esh family had a well established business here in Marrowbone they constructed storage buildings.
Joel's Family also had a well established business they poured concrete.

Strong structures and solid foundations thats what they did.

But as I prayed yesterday I realized how God has used them to build more than buildings, they built friendships, in the midst of their hurts they extended Gods love and comfort to my family and so many others...
Joel's father taught him so much more than poring a good concrete foundation he taught him about the one true foundation on which we all should have and his life spoke volumes of that foundation he stood on as he shared his love of God with so many...he lived it everyday.

As I watch my small hometown I am reminded of the bigger plan..

Weather it be placing a chair, preparing a meal, giving money , our just holding the hand of the hurting family, I see Gods love...

The Esh family, Joel and Alisha knew Gods love and there is no doubt in my mind that they are with him today.
Please continue to pray for the family's. Blessings.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Pop, Cassie, Tractors and Rollers

The sun came out this weekend and Pop showed up with the tractor to turn our garden, I love this time of year things begin to green up and warm up..kinda.

The weather is still hit and miss.

Sunshine and cold.

But the garden being turned tells me it will soon be warm weather and I can't wait.

Cassie Marie spotted my Dad on the tractor Saturday and when I started looking for her and couldn't find her in the house I looked out the kitchen window and there she was...

When I took this picture I had to laugh..thinking to myself how much Cassie talks that's one way to let her ride the tractor without having to listen to the never ending talk...Pop could just smile and wave and enjoy the hum of the ol'Ford tractor.

And though she is such a tomboy at times she loves dressing up so with the flip of a switch she can go from riding in the bucket of a tractor, the bucket come complete with 100% cow poop included (and a little girl who could care less that she is setting in it)


A Princess wearing pillow rollers in her hair dreaming of singing for millions someday...

She actually sat up and had a rather lengthy conversation with me after I took this picture...which she will not remember because she was talking in her sleep...really I mean it when I say she loves to talk..even in her sleep. (grin)


Monday, March 15, 2010

The boys have begged forever that I let them buy Airsoft Guns, so I told them if they saved their money up they could buy them...

You must understand I watch "A Christmas Story" every year on T.V. and yes I am the Mother that says "You can't have a bb gun you'll shoot your eye out."

I really hated to see the UPS man coming down the drive that day because I knew he was bringing the dreaded eye-shooter-outer guns. The boys were so happy tearing into boxes..(while quietly I prayed under my breath that the plastic bb's had gotten lost)

But each box came with a gazillion bb's (which I pick up out of the floor on a daily basis)

So today when they all came in from school they decided the wanted to go outside and play "war" with their guns...I had visions of one eyed crying children.

I was cooking supper and had the news on and just as the last boy started out the door with a loud war cry I heard the news anchor say "Today an eleven year old boy was killed..he had been shot in the head with a bb gun)


So I herded them back in the house and said "did you just hear that? I told you those things are dangerous."

So here is the solution we came up with...(my kids tell me I am way over protective, and a little on the crazy side...I say you can never be to safe!)

They also say "Now the neighbors REALLY think we are crazy."

Oh well..It gives "Crazy ol' Mom peace of mind." (grin)Blessings!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

42 years and counting

March 15th may be just another day for most people but for my parents it marks a milestone their 42nd wedding anniversary.

Growing up I never realized how very blessed I was.

I can honestly say not one time in my life do I ever remember hearing my parents fight, yell , scream...

Not once.

I was just reading a blog about hand written notes and how that it is almost a thing of the past, it took me back to when I was a kid finding notes stuck here and there...

Love notes my Mom and Dad had written each other.

As an adult today my parents still leave each other little notes to each other.

I can remember the morning routine years ago getting ready for school and setting down to eat breakfast they always prayed for each other and for my Sister and I.

Everyday. They still do that today even though we are grown and have family's of our own.

Over the years our family has taken many hard left turns, lots of unseeable hardache, and unthinkable sorrow...

What got us through?

Two parents that love God and love each other.

They have taught me to hold fast to Gods word, to forgive, and to love those who seem unlovable.

They have taught me to work hard and be honest.

They have taught me to dig in and hold on to the things in life that are good and right no matter how many give up and walk away.

They are truly two very special people.

Thank you Dad and Mom for all you are to Melissa and I and so many others!

Happy Anniversary! We love you!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


So I have literally been up since 6am Friday morning we have been on "baby watch" Callie Lou Tony's horse was due to have her foal any day...

After five million trips to the barn last night and finally getting in the bed about 5am this morning my phone rings at 6am and it was Chad Allen he had went to the barn to find Miss Callie Lou and her new colt..

She was cleaning him off so we're thinking we missed it by about 30min.
He is the cutest thing!

So here's some pictures of our newest addition (Tony hasn't named him yet)

Think I'm gonna take a nap now...Blessings!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

This and That

It was absolutely beautiful here in Kentucky today...LOTS of sunshine, so I took a few pictures while we were out and thought I'd share them with you...

Cassie got to ride her horse today (bucky) and we are keeping a close eye on Tony's horse Callie Lou, she is due to have her baby any day now!!! The other pictures are random...The barn and a feed shed on the farm..the picture of the "flower arrangement" is actually willow that was grown right in my back yard, my Pastor and his wife raise willow and sell it to florist...and they gave me some yesterday when they were cutting...It is beautiful! The Fantail is my favorite! So there is my day..I promise I'll blog soon! Blessings!