Friday, July 6, 2012

My blogging skills haven't been the greatest in several has just been busy. I miss blogging I really do..I also miss sleep, days off and vacation (none of which I have seen in a long time) I did have the 4th of July off and spent the day with my family at the park in Burkesville Did I mention my Daughter was ask to sing the National Athem at the opening ceremony? I will admit I was very nervous for her she sang the song acapella...I will also admit that I ask her repeatedly if she was absolutely sure she remembered EVERY word and reminded her she wouldn't want to be on you tube the next day with Christine Aguilera  and so many others who had no idea what the words were...and right before she went on ask her why in the world she was so nervous (guess I had a little to do with that) 

I am happy to report she nailed every note and word! It was literally all I could do to keep myself contained...I really think you should hear it for yourself to get the full effect.