Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hello Stranger

Yes I know...I have been away for awhile, my computer at home has been very sick and blogging at work is near impossible. But thanks to someone smarter than I the computer is up and running (very slow but at least it works)

Lots has been going on here in Whoville, we've had Baby Showers, Birthdays, Thanksgiving, and a grand Parade to finish off the week! For those of you who are wondering my Sister (Melissa) is due to have her baby Dec. 18th....actually she is at the point she can go anytime, I am very excited about the baby and I'm sure he will decide to come in the middle of the night and I will have to show up at the Hospital with terribly big hair (this is my fear) my hair is natural curly and when I dry it at night I look like is a truly disturbing sight, so I pray she goes into labor during the day so my hair will look nice for the arrival (grin) And grey hairs have been added to the Medusa hair I have...I now have TWO sixteen year olds in my house, shew where does time go? Chad went last week to try for his permit and he passed his test with flying colors, so now I feel like "Driving Miss Daisy" I no longer am behind the wheel I am now actually under the dashboard praying lots (not really...he is a good driver)

And of coarse we had a great Thanksgiving with lots of food...lots of calories...many grams of was all worth the many extra miles I will have to put on the treadmill this regrets!

And to end on a great note we finished our weekend off with the Marrowbone Parade it was great! I put everything together in a video for all to see! Blessings! M