Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We had an appointment with the neurologist Tuesday morning I went all equipped for a long stay, it seems to take a long time to see the doctor but we had no sooner walked in a registered when they called us back, I reported to Dr. Zuh that Chad had done really well the first 3 weeks with no headaches and the last 3 weeks he had a lot of headaches again. The Doctor ask me to start marking a calender every time he gets a headache so we can keep track of how many he is having, he decided not to increase the Propranolol,(the medicine prescribed to prevent the headaches) the beta blocker he is on we will stay with the same dose, but take one pill that is a time release capsule instead of two 40mg pills twice a day..which makes my life much easier...He wants him to continue to take Maxalt (the medicine for the migraine's) when he feels a headache begin to start...We go back again in two months for another check up. So all in all things went good...Thanks for all the prayers! Blessings!


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petersonclan said...

Are you watching his blood pressure and glucose levels? Propranalol is the stuff that is helping Mercy, but her blood pressure and heartbeat are pretty low. Could that cause headaches?