Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Reminder and a Shout Out

I know I have mentioned a few times on my blog about this WONDERFUL, AWESOME, GREAT magazine SERIOUS LIFE MAGAZINE but I wanted to take the time to mention it again. If you haven't visited this magazine you should really take a few min. and do so, you can also sign up for a subscription, it is completely FREE and will be sent to you online...and I must mention in this issue (March) Cassie Marie's picture is in the magazine so now you have to visit to see if you can find her (grin) just click on the magazine cover below and it will take you there!

On another note I just wanted to give a big shout out to my Indiana fans...Aunt Pam and Renne...You don't know each other, but the funny thing is you both grew up here and now you both live in Indiana and you both left me a comment on the same day! So (((HUGS))) to you both I love you guys!

Serious.Life Magazine" />


Anonymous said...

Love you too! We are still waiting for your visit to Indiana>>> but please, let hubby drive! :<)
Aunt Pam

Tracy said...

Haylee and I went to view Cassie's picture in The Serious Life magazine and I must say she absolutely has a beautiful smile....kinda reminds me of her mom!