Thursday, March 12, 2009

Snow and Anniversaries

The weather here in Kentucky is crazy...Monday it was 75 and Tuesday 80 with lot of well we have snow EVERYWHERE!! I am so ready for spring, warm weather, gardens...As I type this post I can hear the local news channel giving the list of school closings, are my kids excited you ask? NO, they were already scheduled to be out tomorrow for a professional day.
Chase is a little under the weather tonight, he has been fighting a cold all week. Cassie is still feeling bad but did go to school today.
Pop and Nana have flown the coop (my Dad and Mom) they are off to the Great Smokey Mountains to celebrate they're 41st Wedding Anniversary...WOW 41 years! Mom called me a few min. ago to say they had made it o.k. and to "RE Remind" me of the list of things that my Sister and I needed to do while they were gone (some things never change, even when your 32 years old:) My Dad stopped by my salon before they left and brought the card he had bought my Mom in with him so I could read it...I almost cried as I read it, it was so sweet...he spoils my Mom and I love him for that..when I step back and watch them together I see 2 people that have walked the road of bumps,hurts, steep hills and low valleys, proud moments, and heart wrenching tears only to walk every step together hand in hand with God smack dab in the center of it all...they never quit, never gave up and for that I love them even Happy 41st Anniversary Dad and Mom, I love you!!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks Baby, we love you too. You and your sister have helped make it a wonderful 41 years - even with the bumps, hurts, tears and laughter!