Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Afteroon At Pop And Nana's

We haven't had a Sunday afternoon at Pop and Nana's in a long saying that I mean we (all children, grandchildren, and whom ever may show up..they have never turned away anyone) invade Pop and Nana's house to get together and EAT!!! My Dad cooked a country ham and to some it may sound strange, but my Grandparents use to cook it this way and it is yummy!! You must have a lard stand, which is a VERY LARGE metal container that was used once upon a time to store lard rendered from hogs.. they are very hard to find, since many people no longer use them...but Pop was on a mission and I'm not sure how many miles he drove but he found one Friday. The process in which you cook this ham is simple, you take a WHOLE country ham wash it off place in lard stand fill with water add 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup brown sugar place the lard stand on stove burner and bring to full boil, turn down heat and cook for 45 min. now comes the "that's strange, but it work's step" (think little house on the prairie) use a LARGE tote place a blanket or two in bottom, then newspaper and set the lard stand in the tote(lard stand must have lid on tightly) wrap tightly with quilts and blankets all around lard stand (top too)and let set for twelve hours......after twelve hours remove ham and slice! This will feed a small army (which would sum up the size of my family) So go ahead give it a try....I'm tell'n ya our Grandparents knew what they were do'n when it came to cook'n!!!!

Speaking of small army.....I continue tonight with introducing you to my next "blogger buddy" the Sweet Savages Love, Love, Love reading this blog, I go to church with them and they have a beautiful family, they live on a farm and often post pictures of there new baby animals (this week a new baby lamb...soooo sweet) so go on over and visit!!



petersonclan said...

So... when do we get invited to taste this culinary delight which would feed an army?! ;)

maria said...

Culinary delight...Carri, you crack me up!!