Thursday, March 26, 2009

Coughing, Itching, Fever

What's been going on around here you ask? Well as I write this post Cassie is in our bed having a coughing spell...

It started two weeks ago we had taken her to the Doctor with a cold, he gave her Cough medicine and I have been giving her a dose everyday, well the coughing got worse last night to the point she sounded more like a dog barking than a child coughing, after 11pm she was begging for something to make her quit coughing, and by 11:30 she was running a fever, after consulting with a nurse from the ER on the phone they determined she could have more cough medicine and a dose of Motrin for her fever...then she starts clawing at her neck and chest saying she is itching and burning...I lifted up her shirt to discover a rash all over her...GREAT...

So this morning we took a trip to the Doctor Cassie has Strep throat, Scarletina, and a ear infection...I must say I was not feeling like I would get the Mother Of The Year Award after leaving the Doctor's office how did I not see this coming? I thought it was just a cold...The Doctor said she had seen alot of all three things going around at Cassie's school, Cassie Just happen to get all three all at once....GREAT!

At the moment Cassie is Contagious, so we have one cup in the house that is marked for Cassie only, we have discarded her tooth brush, and tried to keep Chad and Chase away from her...They gave her some night time cough medicine that has codeine in it to help her sleep it has helped except now she is talking....Chase just came in to tell me good night, Cassie is saying she wants her hair in a ponytail, while holding her finger up in the she may bust out singing this little light of mine any minute...Chase looks really confused and wants to know who she's talking to and why does she have her finger stuck up in the air..I'm trying to explain to him she's asleep...he seems to think she's "just weird"

Even in sickness and sleep..Never a dull moment around here! Blessings.


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Renee Kelley said...

Oh Maria. I know what you mean. Daulton has missed 4 days of school the last two weeks. It is going around bad in the schools here. I pray for Cassie a quick recovery. Blessings ~ RK