Monday, March 9, 2009

This to shall Pass...

To all my blogger friends out there I haven't skipped town, last week was a busy week and I just didn't get around to posting...I'm still trying to get use to Husband working 2nd shift...missing him a lot, but still trusting God that he is where he needs to be right now.

We started new classes on Wednesday night at church, I think the class my sister and I are taking will be great! I will be taking one week out of the month to help teach the teen class....a little nervous about that (this wed is my week) so please pray.

Uhmm...and lets just say God is working on me...Chad had 2 headaches last week, we have started him on some meds (as needed when he gets a headache) they seem to help.
Cassie got up this morning with a fever and has been feel'n "yucky" all day, she came in the bedroom a few minutes ago very upset because her nose is all stopped up, I gave her some medicine and she is now out (in my bed...)
Chase had a little run in with the weights in the gym yesterday afternoon he hit his mouth on the bar of the weights and chipped his two front we have been at the dentist today doing x-rays..good news the fracture does'nt go to the root of the two teeth...bad news we have to wait a week to get them fixed, due to they are both loose and very sore, they want to wait and let them "tighten up" some and in the mean time there is a possibility that they could become abscessed and require a root we have to wait and see what Monday brings.

Whew...and at times like this when things get a little crazy around here I hear my Moms famous words that ring so clear..."This to shall pass"

How true! Loose teeth will tighten up, headaches will go away, and noses will unstop...yes, this to shall pass (WOW..I sound just like my Mom)


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Anonymous said...

Actually your sound like Grandma Fonzie, because I hear myself sounding just like her!!