Sunday, March 15, 2009

Taking a wrong turn...

At the moment I didn't feel all that smart, a little nervous..and it didn't help having my 14 year old son in the front seat telling me how lost we were. Let me explain. With my Husband on second shift it creates a little glitch in our routine, he picks his son up every other Friday to spend the weekend with us, but now that he has to be at work we had to change plans, Kane (my stepson) has recently moved and my Husband had drawn me a map carefully marking each light and turn, to insure his lovely wife with a great sense of direction not a clue when it comes to direction would make it to her destination...might I add it was dark, and raining..I was in a strange place, and he DID say a zillion times a few times TURN RIGHT AT THE FIRST light...well that's just what I did and ended up in a very dark neighborhood...I was lost, with no way to call Husband and a cell phone beeping warning me of a low battery and no car charger AND a 14yr old know it all helpful calm son telling me something I already knew WE ARE LOST
I said all that to say this..we all turn right at the first red light down the wrong road some where in our life, we took the wrong turn that took us to the wrong road that left us in the wrong place and at some point have come to the NO OUTLET sign..
In Romans Paul tells us we've all made wrong turns. Not in cars at the stop lights but with our lives and God. Romans 3:10 There is no one who always does what is right, not even one. We have a map all drawn out and sometimes we take wrong turns, sometimes it takes us down very dark roads, we feel like we have reached a "NO OUTLET" sign with nowhere to turn...Remember there is always a place to turn a around God is just a breath away for directions...put your life in revers, back up, learn from the past wrong roads and don't retrace them..ask God for forgiveness put it in drive and move on...It's that easy!
Did my Son and I find our way you ask? After a few hours minutes we did find the right house and made it back home safe and sound..Thanks for asking! Blessings!



Anonymous said...

You never fail to make me laugh! Reminded me of the time I went around 465 in Indianapolis 4 times before I found the right turn to go see your Uncle Rick! I had KY tags on my car, 2 ( know it all kids with me too) and was right in the middle of all these crazy Hoosiers, who knew where they were going! Could this possibly be due to the fact that our little town of Burkesville only has one stop light and no matter which way you turn, you always end up somewhere you know?
Love yah gal,
Aunt Pam

Anonymous said...


You are so funny! I love your blog. I have updated mine now and will continue regularly. Keep in touch! Renee