Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Update on Chad Allen

So I had mentioned a while back that my oldest son (Chad) had been having really bad headaches for over a year now, after ruling out vision being the problem the Doctor ordered a CAT SCAN which came back completely clear, so we were sent to a neurologist for further test...his appointment was at 2:45 the doctor had been called to the hospital and had just returned as we took our seats (with MANY other waiting people) so around 4:30 they called Chad's name...Let me just add that Chad is 14 he wasn't in the lest excited about being there, and he expressed this to me and Pop (my Dad) EVERY 5 min...the Doctor was very kind and spent time asking questions and doing the exam, he thinks that Chad is having juvenile migraine's all signs point to this (pain on one side of head, twitching in eye, ect.) so he will start a medicine that he takes twice a day everyday (low dose) and medication that he can take IF he feels a headache coming on...we go back in six weeks to talk about if this seems to be working or not. If not we will do other test if necessary. I'll be honest there have been days while dealing with Chad and the headaches that have worried me alot but The past few weeks I have been at peace knowing he is in Gods hands and God has this under control...If I panic, Chad Panic's but if I trust God Chad will fallow and know to trust God. So continue to pray and believe with us that God will heal him.
On a side note Husband has been on the new job now for three days I feel very lost without him here at night, but I'm still trusting God in that area too. As a matter of fact Husband just called tonight while he was on his "lunch break" and said they have moved him to a different job which happens to come with 35 cents more on the hour..3 days on the job..Ahem..I would call that a God thing!! (grin)


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