Saturday, February 7, 2009

Finally...A New Post!!

Had a phone conversation with one of my fellow bloggers this afternoon (Carrie, over at the Petersonclan) and she mentioned that I haven't posted in awhile (which made me feel good, it's nice to know someone out there reads my blog:) The reason? I think it's a combination of busy, tired and blogger's block...For some reason this week has been very busy, out of step, just an off week. Anyone out there ever had one of those weeks? We have had a day out of school because of the weather which means I have to place little people (Chad, Chase and Cassie Marie) in various places, like Cassie goes to work with me and the boys go to Mom's or Melissa's and there was a day that school was an hour late and while we were waiting on the bus (we have a long drive so I drive the kids to the end of the road and wait and let them out of the truck when the bus gets there) and right when the bus pulled up Chase tossed his cookies in the back seat...very unexpected and VERY gross, so he stayed home feeling pretty bad that day, it's just been a funky week....and there is the job change..let me explain, work has slowed down for my husband in the last few months (he builds houses and does construction) so we have been praying God will give us direction. He has put in a few applications and a factory called this week and wanted him to come in for a interview...he got the job! He will start Monday...the down side? It's second shift, the up side GREAT INSURANCE AND BENEFITS!! I feel at peace with the job switch I'm just gonna miss my Husband! Second shift means he will be going to work when the kids and I get home...Some people think that is the ideal marriage, sorry not me...I happen to love spending time with my husband so I'm praying God will see me through, the next few months and believing he will place Tony on first shift soon...:) We're both trying to work on our attitude, I mean we ask that God would send him a job and he did just that....funny how we moan and groan about things pray that God give us something and when he does we complain...just an observation. I trust that God sees the big picture and he knows whats going on so I choose to trust and Thank him for this!!

Well on a side note I sometime mention the little girl Abby on here and though I haven't posted on my blog in awhile I have been fallowing the blog about her, she is a very sick little girl. She was adopted from Guatemala and found her home with Brent and Michelle Riggs and there children she was also diagnosed with a aggressive form of Leukemia, she has been in and out of the hospital and as we speak has been in the hospital for a few days now, I find myself thinking of this little girl very often during the day and praying through he day that God will give her parents wisdom and strength, as a parent of healthy children I forget how very blessed I am and all the things that I think are such a big deal in my life is nothing compared to what this little girl and her family are going through, so if you want to fallow and join in prayer with so many others go to Brent (Abby's Dad) updates the site often and in the midst of their pain he finds hope and shares it with so many others, so go visit and let them know you are praying!! Blessings!


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