Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Message

Tonight My post is about a message...I often write about a little girl named Abby, she is fighting leukemia and has been in the hospital for awhile due to sores caused from the chemo...My daughter Cassie Marie and I pray for her every night and last night her Dad (brent) had ask that people would send messages to her either leaving a message on his cell phone so she can hear it or make a video and email it to him. His plan was to take his laptop to the hospital so Abby could watch the videos, something to lift her spirits...so Cassie and I made a video to send to Abby and we thought it would be fun to include Rudy (my oldest sons guinea pig) I sent the message last night and today Abbys Dad included a video of Abby watching some of her messages and to our surprise as I watched I could hear Cassie's little voice...and at the end of the message...well i won't ruin it for you just watch...the first video is the message Cassie sent Abby and the second video is of Abby watching the video's I think Cassie's is the third one listen and watch her reaction...I think we may be in the dog house with her parents (grin)
And on a more serious note as you watch this video I pray that putting a face and a voice with the name it will help you to remember to pray for this precious little girl..if you would like to read more about Abby please go to www.riggsfamilyblog.com or click on there blog which is located on the right of my blog. And remember your comments are always welcome so if you would like you can leave me one anytime!


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