Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Did you visit today?

O.K. I have been getting random traffic on my blog and I was just wondering who has stopped by to read...the instructions are easy, if you are an everyday reader leave me a comment(click on the word comment below) and let me know you stopped by (Carrie, sister, Mom) if you are a browser and just stumbled across my blog leave me a comment, if you have your own blog leave an address with me so I can visit you...love, love, love reading new blogs!
Each Day I thought it would be neat to introduce you to a blog that I follow EVERYDAY (sounds a little obsessive hu?) and today that blog is Petersonclan http://www.petersonclan.com/ . I recently added a new button on my blog titled PRAY FOR MERCY she is the daughter of the Peterson's They have a large family and Carrie (the Mom) cracks me up with her stories, she also has lots of great recipes and great pics...so go on over and visit the petersonclan!


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Anonymous said...

"A Comment"!!!!
Love Ya Sis!!!