Monday, February 16, 2009

Chad's New Dirt Bike

My oldest son Chad Allen loves riding dirt bikes, he has had sevral over the years and I must say he is a really good rider....and I must also say I look away often because he scares me to death!! But for about 6months or so his dirt bike has been out of commission (which seems to happen alot with dirt bikes) So instead of fixing it this time he decided to sell it and buy a diffrent one, he found one on craigs list and He and my Dad went to pick it up this morning...Chad was up EARLY rare'n and ready to go...What kind of dirt bike did he get you ask? Well...It's Yellow...and I think it's a 250, that would be about all I know except for the fact that even though he hasn't road a dirt bike in 6mos. or so does'nt mean he forgot how to. Two seconds after he started it he blew by me at neck break speed...(maybe that wasn't such a good choice of words to explain how fast he was going)
I think my nephew (the one I posted about) Allen has broken me in on the dirt bikes watching him ride (before Chad got a bike) Well let's just say if your heart can servive watching him on a dirt bike you'll make it (but Chad is fallowing fast in his footsteps when it come to dirt bike riding) I have witnessed Chad crashing his bike wasn't pretty...and people wonder why I'm on bloodpressure medicen!! Any who, I put together a little video with Chad riding, some clips are of him on his old bike (which was VERY, VERY LOUD...thank you Jesus he sold it) and there are some clips of him on his new bike (the yellow one) So set back and watch.


petersonclan said...

Eric would say that you should PLEASE have him wear a helmet as Eric would hate to see him while on duty... he flies out a lot of bike accidents.

maria said...

Tell Eric not to worry helmets are a must around here:)


Anonymous said...

hey aunt maria! just reading up on the life on beech grove rd. i miss and love u! see u soon!