Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Give Me Your Eyes

I think we all have our "routine" a daily rhythm if you will that we coast through each day.

And with no ill intent intended we have tunnel vision, we don't see the person to the left of us as we stand in line to pay for gas or grocery's....

Or maybe we do see them.

We see them each day and pass them by with as little as a "hello" or "how are you?"

What if for one day we woke up and prayed "Lord give me your eyes, so that I can see the broken hearted, a heart that will feel they're pain, and the opportunity to share your love for them."

I challenge you to step out of your routine tomorrow...Pray that God will give you the eyes to see people differently...Blessings.

(Please scroll to the bottom of the page and pause the music before starting the video)


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