Sunday, September 6, 2009

Picnic's and Pawpaw's

We had Landon for the weekend our 6yr. old Grandson, he was FULL of energy but was lots of fun.

He went to church with us this morning and it just so happen that the church had a picnic planned after church at one of the church members farms, it turned out to be a great day with the rain stopping and the sun not to hot.

Landon was first in line to bob for apples, and to be honest I'm glad after thinking about how gross it would be to be the last in line...AHEM.

They took all the kids on a hay ride which was a hit and had lots of great food, here are a few pictures from the day.

After we returned home my Dad stopped by and brought me two pawpaw's.

What are pawpaw's you ask? If you haven't tried one, you are missing out!

When I was a kid my Grandmother (who happen to live right across the road from where I live now) had pawpaw trees 3 that I remember...I lived for this time of year to eat all the pawpaws possible. They are not something you will find in a grocery store because they're shelf life is so short, Lot's of people would not even attempt to try them because of they're appearance...ugly fruit would be an understatement to describe them...

My Dad told me that there were still two tree's across the road and the people that owned my Grandmothers old house didn't like them and we could have all we I took a trip down memory lane for awhile sitting on my back porch eating pawpaw's.

Funny how a small thing's like that will take you back in time. Blessings.



Anonymous said...

Great pictures!



Sounds like the best time. What do pawpaws taste like? Are you in the pics? Thank You for sharing. I really enjoyed this post.