Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So Husband and I have returned from Louisville today after spending the last two days at Jewish Hospital with Jay (my Husbands Brother) while he went through his evaluation for a liver transplant...we saw many, many, many different people over the last few days, dietitians, social workers, physiatrist...a three hour meeting on liver transplants the what to expect, what to avoid, what not to eat, how much medicine to take, how much medicine not to take...and much more very life altering, life changing things to think about.
At one point in the 3hr class I remember feeling very overwhelmed by all the information, and I looked at my Brother-In-Law across the table and could clearly tell he too was overwhelmed..let's face it this operation wasn't a walk in the park, and some things they were telling us were down right scary to think about. So as Husband and I fell into bed last night at the Hotel I spent alot of time thinking on all that was said by so many different people in a days time, and alot of time praying about the following day.
This morning we were off to the Hospital for our final meetings with the liver Doctor and the Surgeon, we saw the liver Doctor first and he asked a gazillion questions ordered more test and left the room...then the Surgeon came in...

Let me remind you of the words the Doctor that diagnosed Jay said..and I quote, "It is by the grace of God that you are standing here, I have seen better liver's in dead people." (pretty straight to the point hu?)

And let me tell you last Sunday morning when our Pastor ask people to stand that needed a miracle I stood for Jay (Jay was in the balcony standing too) praying that God would heal him...

And when the surgeon came in the room he said "Mr. Jeffries looks like you won't be needing our services."

Hu? Did he just say Jay didn't need a liver transplant?

That is exactly what he said, no need for a transplant. I think we were all in shock and found out as we spoke with the Doctor that Jay was at a level 9,on a scale from 0-40 you need to be at lest a level 15 to be put on the transplant list, they found a small lesion which they will continue to monitor but with medication and diet change he can live a normal life....

As we walked out of the Hospital today I knew God had preformed a miracle, some would say that the first Doctor may have read something wrong, but I choose to Thank God, along with Jay ,Husband and Kathy (their Sister)

I encourage you today to remember God hasn't forgotten you, he sees what your going through and all it takes is a little faith (just the size of a mustard seed) and he'll give you that miracle! Blessings.



ebergs said...

Wow...awesome! Praise God : )

Kynn and Lorie Harris said...

I am in awe! I had to read the post again. I am praising God with all of you. YES! WAY TO GOD! YES!
I needed to hear this today. It helped my heart/emotions as I continue to deal with my fathers death. God is good and active. Praise Him.