Tuesday, September 29, 2009


If you could see me right now you would wonder why I don't just invest in a wireless connection, no joke I have wires stretched every which way so i can set in my bed and use my computer, that is something I normally never do, but I am growing more and more unfond (I'm not sure "unfond" is even a word, but it sounds good) of setting in that uncomfortable straight back chair at my desk...so here I set blogging away with my unwireless laptop computer with cords running every where for the sake of comfort...did I just type comfort? Really that's a fib because I am quiet uncomfortable, not because of the unwireless computer, it's because last Friday morning while in a rush to get everyone up and going for school I ran into a suitcase (that I have yet to return to my parents house)and hit my toe...I cried ALOT and thought at one point I was gonna pass out...it hurt, really, really bad. So as a result I have a toenail that is lifted, just hanging around, flop'n..to many details for ya? (grin) But other than the Flop'n toenail alls good except
Chad has a headache,

Chase has a earache,

and Cassie well she has taken up sewing...I draw my toes in at this very moment just thinking about her loosing a sewing needle in the floor and someone stepping on it. But so far she has kept up with it, she ask tonight if we would "seriously" think about getting her a sewing machine (a real one) for Christmas...I'm feeling like that's a bad idea, is there an age limit on operating those things? I took a sewing class in High School and flunked it, I don't even have the foggiest idea on how to thread a sewing machine...I guess we'll have to think about that. Until then I guess she is stuck sewing as she says "the old fashion way" with a needle and thread.


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