Sunday, September 27, 2009


I look back on the events of this past week and realize that there are many days that I coast through without a thought of how very blessed I am.

It has humbled me to watch how very fast things in life can go from good to bad in a split second, and how careless I toss another day away without a thought or a thank you to God for all he has done in my day.
I have watched a little more intently to the things going on around me whether it be my Husband washing yet another load of laundry, or sink full of dishes, not because he feels he must but because he wants to help me and for that I am blessed.

Or this afternoon when I had my nephew Sean over and him and my boys were being silly and I stood at the kitchen counter listening to Sean laugh hysterically and found my own self smiling..I could listen to that laugh all day and for that I am blessed.

Or for tonight, when my parents stopped by my salon (I was giving all the boys haircuts) to chat with Husband and I for a min. and as they walked out the door we told each other "Love You"...simple coast through the day words to many, but so much more to me after this week...I am blessed.

Or a simple comment from one of my blogger friends recently...for her friendship I am blessed. ( (((Hugs))) to you Lorie)

They may seem like everyday things to you, but believe me they are so much more so take time out to thank God for the blessings.


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