Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tying knots and saving a life (kinda)

I was scolded by my Mother because I haven't posted anything new in awhile...My excuse? I was waiting on pictures...But since I have yet to get them I'll do the post without them...

Well where do I start?

Well Sister got married Sunday....It was quiet a surprise since we don't breath without talking to each other...But I am sooooo happy for her!!! It was just her, Daren, and the boys (and Jade)

Small, but the most important people were there, I thought it was so sweet, they said their vows, kissed, signed the papers, and loaded up and went to Allen's basketball banquet (What a way to throw a guy into the whole family thing hu?)

Daren and Melissa left this morning for the Great Smokey Mountains for their honeymoon and will be back sometime Sunday.

So The same Sunday that Sister got married Husband and I dropped Chad (my oldest) Off at Mom and Dads so he could ride his dirt bike, (It has been in the shop for about two months motor) and Husband and I went to Wal-Mart to do some grocery shopping....We stopped back by Moms to pick Chad up and I knew the moment he walked out of the house....

He got in the truck and said "I broke my front brake on my dirt bike."

If you have a child that has a dirt bike or go cart, you know it is always something...but he had only had his bike back for TWO DAYS!!

Before I could say anything he said "Mom it wasn't my fault (never is)"

This was what he told us..

He and a friend were down at the park riding their motorcycles, and two guys and a girl had dropped they're kayaks in the creek a few miles above where Chad and Lance were, the creek runs right by the park and where the boys were riding (*NOTE* The creek was up we had a few days with lots of rain)
When the people got to the spot where Chad was the girl's kayak flipped over, she was seatbealted in and could not get out or flip the kayak back over, so the guys (While trying to get to her) saw Chad and started yelling for him to help, he dropped his dirt bike (That is how the brake got broke) and helped her flip the kayak back over!

Now I must say in my mind I thought he had really taken time to think that one up, but as we were driving home low and behold what did I see fighting the crazy current in the creek to the right of the road...Yep, the three people he had told us about, and the girl looked like a drowned rat, wet hair, wet cloths, paddling like a mad woman!! And Chad yelling and pointing the whole time "THERE THEY ARE!!"

So I guess this time I'll let the whole brake thing slid..(GRIN)




Anonymous said...

It is always something but life is like that isn't it? (Grin) Renee

Anonymous said...

OMG...I am soooo excited for Melissa!!!! She deserves so much happiness in her life and looks as if the new hubby has brought a whole bunch of it to her....tell her I said congrats and welcome the hubby to "our family at the shop"!