Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's Prom Time...

Saturday was a busy day at the Salon, it is that time of year again for updo's, lot's of hairspray, bobby pins by the millions, and endless tanning bed visits....decisions, decisions...up or down, curls or straight, poof, or lots of poof the list could go on and on ( and believe me it does) Just a Note to all of you out there in blogger land, your hairdresser has fears, we do think to much sometimes like the night before prom I was panic stricken...Did We have bobby pins? So all night I dreamed we had no bobby pins and every store Chas and I went to were out....crazy? yes, but very true!
Just so you know the salon was stocked with bobby pins galore, and with curling irons heating, dryers running, combs teasing, hairspray flying, camera's flashing, girls giggling, and Maria and Chasity taking extra dose of Tylenoltaking it all in with ease...we made all the girls sparkly and beautiful! (They are all beautiful without the sparkly too)
So here are a few pictures from our makes me feel old to see these girls going to there Senior prom, I hold them all near and dear to my heart,( we have had good hair days and bad hair days together:))

*NOTE TO GIRLS* Thank you for allowing me to do your hair for this special day I love you all and I am very proud of each one of you!


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Anonymous said...

hey aunt maria,
i just wanted to stop by and show your page some love lol.. AND to thank you for everything you do for me... i LOVED my hair and make up for prom, you and chas did an amazing job, as always... but not only do u do a great job on hair, but u always give the best advice! thanks for always being a positive influence in my life and guiding me in the right direction. thanks again for everything! love you!