Saturday, January 3, 2009

No longer in denial...

O.K. so I have been a little under the weather the past few weeks, feeling a little (lot) tired and a having a continuous headache, spent most of my days off work in a "sloth like state" thinking that I had a bug with a little extra stress from the holidays:) But New Years Eve night I developed the MEGA HEADACHE I thought the top of my head was gonna explode!! It was so bad that at precisely 11:55pm I was hugging the commode Yes...this is how I rang in the new I exited the bathroom, poor Husband in a soft voice said "Happy New Year Honey"
So I worked all day Friday with a dull throb in the top of my head. Mom brought the blood pressure thingy to check my blood pressure and guess what? It was up, by the end of the day it was 168/107...sooo Husband and I have been to the Doctor today and I am officially no longer in blood pressure is high and they have put me on medicine let me share a little bit of the conversation I had with the Doctor today:

Doctor: Take your Medicine the same time everyday, no salt, try to cut the caffeine and we need to see you in a few weeks to check your cholesterol

Me: o.k.

Doctor: try not to get stressed, and exercises walking is good..that would help (pause in his voice) Hey don't you own the gym in Marrowbone?

Husband: (hand to face trying not to laugh)

Me: (head hung in shame) well I'm the hairdresser (next door) my Sister and Mom run the gym..

Doctor: Well, maybe you should take some time a few days a week and walk on the tread mill, that would really help with your blood pressure

So as we left the building I told my Husband "How lazy am I? I have a Gym 5 steps away and I don't even go, guess I have a good reason now." Husband never responded..He is a smart man!

Anywho, I'm no longer in denial Mom, Yes I'll take my medicine and try to take better care of myself I guess you and Sister better get my old dusty file out..looks like I will be back at the gym soon!



petersonclan said...

That is so funny, Maria. I am committed to walking every day on my treadmill, and eating well. Wanna join me in accountability? Of course, Melissa should join us too, just so she doesn't feel left out and all that. ;)

maria said...

I think it is a great idea, Melissa says she is starting back at the gym this week so we'll all have to incourage each other!