Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So unless you have been in a box somewhere you probably know that here in Kentucky we have had a little bit of weather...a little snow, a little ice, and while the sun was out today a lot of rain...I awoke to the sound of my 2 boys tuning in to our local T.V. station and overwhelmed with joy that school was closed. The only problem with this was my oldest son Chad Allen had an appointment with the neurologist at nine and it has taken a months wait to get him in and now there is ice on the road and we had to cancel..very frustrating especially since I had to pick him up from school yesterday with yet another headache that put him in the bed most of the day, when I spoke to the receptionist on the phone this morning and she was very kind to squeeze him in for February 11th. So now we wait and go from there.
In the mean time what have we been doing around here you ask? Well...Growing an avocado tree of coarse!! See around here my son Chase loves to save the seeds from things to see if we can "grow them" so he had saved a seed from an avocado we had eaten and low and behold after 2 weeks setting in water (with toothpicks stuck in it only the bottom in the water) and 1 week in some good ol' dirt we have started growing an avocado tree, the bad news my son will have to wait 5 to 13 years to see that tree bear any fruit...but any who it's fun to watch it grow and they say they are very pretty house plants. What other FUN and EXCITING (grin) things have we been up to you ask? Well Cassie Marie and I sat down and watched (2 time I've seen it Husband and I watched it a few nights ago) ARCTIC TALE and I'm tell'n ya if you have kids (even if you don't) it's a must see!! It is a National Geographic film and the movie follows the beginning lives of a polar bear cub (named Nanu) and a Walrus pup (named Seela) along the journey from birth to maturity. I think they followed them for eight years and then put the footage together to make the movie, Queen Latifah is the narrator through the movie and I'm tell'n ya I haven't been this excited about a movie in a long time but this is a great family movie the kids loved it! and I enjoyed it so much I have included a little clip from the movie and of coarse a picture of the famous avocado tree....which some how is at the top of my post and not the bottom where it should be. (Carrie, you really must show me how you put your pictures where you want them on the blog...They never go where I want them to!)



petersonclan said...

We'll have to put Arctic Tale on our Netflix movie list. We have enjoyed The Ultimate Gift (GREAT MOVIE!), One Night With the King, and The Last Sin Eater lately.

For my photos, when I have an entry to put on with lots of photos, I put it in Homeschoolblogger, which lets me put photos wherever I want, then I just copy and paste it into the blogger one. That is the only way I have figured how to put photos within the body of the post, not at the top.

What I am wondering is why my feed updater won't show your posts?

maria said...

Yes, Arctic Tale is great your kids would love it!! I have no idea why your not getting my updates?