Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'll deal with it..please send me no more!

It started out just like any other day at the salon, I was proud of myself for getting to work a little early, and set down to check my appointment book for the day, my co-worker had already started on her first client and in walks one of my clients (a sweet elderly lady...) I quickly check my book knowing I had put her down for the next day..she was a day early. I greet her politely try to explain (while picking up her change from the floor she dropped when she came in) that she was a day early, when I am greeted with her purse flying across the room and choice words fallowing...did I argue you ask? No I told her I would fit her in to go to the chair so we could start I worked quickly to try and stay on secdual the salon was beginning to fill up and as I turned her around to face the mirror....

Me: So how does that look? (To me it looks the same way it has the last 20 time I've done your hair)

Sweet elderly lady: It looks terrible! That's the biggest mess I've ever seen!

Me: (speechless)

Sweet elderly lady: I DO NOT LIKE IT!!

Me: What don't you like about it? Maybe we need to trim the top a little?

Sweet elderly lady: You need to do something to it or get me a paper bag!

Me: (Thinking in my head: She DID NOT JUST SAY THAT!) o.k. we'll trim it.

Sweet elderly lady: ha! Ha! Ha! (in a strange kinda I'm being creepy laugh)

Me: Whats so funny?

Sweet elderly lady: NOTHING!!

So I finish "Sweet elderly lady's hair give her a little squirt of spray and she is "still not crazy about it" in a it'll do kinda way...walks to the desk pays me and says, "Now I want to make an appointment next week for a shampoo and style."


Yes I made her an appointment for next week, for I couldn't help myself....Our Pastor always says "Learn to deal with "Those People" in your life, cause if you don't God will send you 10 more just like them..I'll deal with it ..PLEASE send me no more!

Moral to story..Be kind to your hairdressers, they love you, they listen, they make you beautiful and sometimes they even let you throw purses at them..(grin)we know your life story and watch your children grow up we fix the "OH MY GOSH, MY DAUGHTER HAS CUT HER OWN HAIR" we do mohawks, we do hot pink hair ,we do prom hair we do wedding hair and someday when you die...Guess who?? We do that too...Be gentle and kind take time to tell your hairdresser today that you appreciate her,,,There now I feel much better!


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petersonclan said...

Yep Maria - I guess some sort of alzheimers! Anyway... I'll be real nice to you. You have the wonderful water thawing, pipe fixin' husband!