Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Snow and Sniffles

O.k. I know my title says "Snow and Sniffles" I don't see any snow but they say we will get some, and it is really cold 21 to be exact...and the sniffles that would be husband, he is feeling quite under the weather. I didn't get home until 7:30 and still had supper to make the kids wanted spaghetti and I wanted a chicken salad sandwich and pasta salad (new recipe my sister made and it rocks so of coarse I had to make myself some) anywho, Husband was very quiet when I came in he was pretty much comatose (but still slightly with one eye open watching T.V.) when I popped my head in the room to announce I was home, and away I went (now 8pm) to cook supper, but I knew something was up when Cassie Marie said "Tony's not hungry, he said he doesn't want anything to eat." O.K. so for all you out there in blogger land, Husband always eats supper, so I knew he was feeling bad...fast forward past all children taking baths one right after the other therefore using ALL hot water, and only cold water for me, and Chad Allen announcing (at 10pm) he has no clean jeans for school tomorrow, and bubbles the psychotic hamster escaping from his cage (anyone out there want a hamster, he's free??) and the toilet stopping up in the boys bathroom (I won't go there) I finally retreated to my room to set down and enter blog land and I hear

Husband: "Honey, could you turn the heat up? I'm Freezing.

Me: The heat is up (thinking in my head I'm sweating)

Then I feel bad and walk to the bed to feel his forehead and he has a fever so I give him ibuprofen turn the heat up and return to my computer.....5min. later..

Husband: "honey could you please turn that heat down I'm burning up."

Me: sure..

5min later Husband gets out of the bed and heads for the kitchen, with slight limp and pitiful look on face..

Me: where are you going?

Husband: to get something to eat.

He took to bites of spaghetti and has now went back into comatose state poor thing maybe he will feel better in the morning...


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