Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Key

I had a bright idea last year when we bought a new freezer to get one with a lock on it...let me explain...

During the summer the boys stay home 3 growing boys...that eat ALOT, they can clean out the fridge and freezer in two days flat! SOOOO I thought it would be a great idea to buy a freezer with a lock, and put food in the kitchen freezer a little at a time so they wouldn't go through so much....

I lost the and my bright ideas.

I looked for days searching through drawers, pants pockets, under the key. I spoke with my Aunt Pam a few days later and she said she had one and she would mail it to me. (My Son said that's what I get for locking them out of the freezer, and buying Blue Bell Ice Cream and hiding it in the back so only I knew it was there) (GRIN)

Anyway one day last week I was doing housework and praying and I said "Lord, I know you really busy with things, but would you please help me find that key." and I went on with my cleaning, and about an hour later I went to get cloths out of the dryer and "PING" the key hit the floor at my feet!

Now to some this may not be a big deal...but to me it was...I went yelling through the house at my oldest son "Jesus helped me find the key!!"
His response? "Mom your crazy.."
But I took the time out to tell him I had prayed that I would find the key and to explain that even the smallest things, God cares, even freezer keys....he cares about every detail in our life, we can go to him (and should everyday) So the next time you loose something take time to talk to God about it, even small things...

***NOTE TO AUNT PAM*** I got the key in the mail a few days after I found mine, thanks for taking the time to send it.




Kynn and Lorie Harris said...

I am right there with you when it comes to asking God to help me find things. He knows and sees everything. :) Way to go! AND I know about 3 sons eating all the food. Believe me, I have a hiding place for my "special" chocolate treats.

petersonclan said...

Never let me come between a woman and her Bluebell... know I have a key you can borrow when needed... ;)