Monday, June 8, 2009

The Garden

We decided to expand our garden this year....The thing is when my Dad brought the tractor he and Husband decided how big the garden would be....I nearly had a heart attack when I saw how big they made it!

So now that we have planted (when I say we I mean Husband and his brother, I did help with the potato's and tomatoes) I am so happy with how nice it looks...I took a few pictures to show you our progress.

On a different note we head back to the Doctor tomorrow for a appointment with Tony's neurologist..Please pray, I have many questions...his headaches continue, and his spirits are dampened with each passing day...I know God isn't surprised, he is in control...I sing this song almost daily, it has kept me sane this past month. I know I have posted it before but thought it was worth posting again...God is doing something in the midst of this storm...we just have to trust him!! Blessings!


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petersonclan said...

Wow on the garden!!! Beautiful!!! Let us know how Tony's appointments go.