Monday, June 15, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things...

Getting back into the swing of things isn't always easy.

Tony went back to work tonight after being off for more than a month...I am glad to report that he has had 3 "good days" in a row..We have no news yet on the MRI that was done Friday or any of the other test...hopefully we will hear something in the next day or two.

My parents along with my oldest Son Chad and Nephew Sean have returned from they're journey...with stories of swimming in the lake at Aunt Jan and Uncle Jim's in Virginia, swimming in the pool at Cousin Terry and Rex's in Dover Delaware, to swimming in the Ocean at Cousin Cathleen's in New Jersey....and with them they brought gifts from afar....SUBS from New Jersey...(thanks again Daddy for finding room in the car to bring them back) If you have never had a sub from New Jersey you just can't understand....within the first few hours of being put into the fridge they were gone..Love, Love ,Love them!!
They also returned with tans/burns Chad Allen had the tan...and Daddy, well lets just say his poor legs haven't seen sunlight since our last vacation (3yrs ago) and he had the "lobster legs":)

So now that Tony's returned to work and Chad is home I am working on getting back into a is now 11:30pm one in this house is sleeping yet, we seem to have uninvited visitor's in our yard... coyote's...recently they have become very brave and are getting closer to the house...Chad started for the bedroom earlier and I said "What are you doing?"
His answer..."get'n the gun!"
My answer..."Uh No, I don't think so..."
(Our neighbors already think we're crazy, I think shooting a gun in the dark across the yard, in the direction of they're house would push them over the edge:)

Thanks so much for taking time out to let my Son float in your Lake, pool, ocean...he really had a great time...and to "The Boy Upstairs" thanks for the shirts you sent our way!!



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petersonclan said...

Want a couple roosters to put outside as the sacrificial lambs so to speak to lure the coyotes? We have way too many roosters...