Thursday, June 11, 2009


So how's the weather here?


So how's my day been?


After a CRAZY (do you see a pattern here?) day at the salon I came home to a rather quiet house, Cassie is at her Dads and Chad Allen (LUCKY DOG) is on vacation with my Dad and Mom (and Sean).... on the beach...with not a care in the world I'm with just Husband ,Chase and Kane it was quiet here...until weather alarms on the T.V. and text messages on my phone with tornado warnings start sounding....

So much for the quiet...

So Husband and I had to make the decision should we stay put at home (we live in a trailer) or go to my parents house where there's a basement? Well since Dad and Mom have been gone we have kinda been driving Daddy's (new) truck and since it was sitting in my driveway and there was a chance of hail my decision was souly based on "What if it hail's and Dad's truck gets damaged?"

(Does he know we have his truck you ask?....well he does now)

So we decided to go to Dad and Mom's house to take cover from the storm (and put Daddy's truck in the building where he left it in case it hailed)

So off we went Me, Husband, Chase, Kane and Pete (our chocolate lab)

Nana if your reading this don't worry we took Pete to the basement...but we did have to go through your living room to get to the basement...Daddy parked the jeep to close to the outside basement door and we couldn't get in that way...Did I mention Sister was there too? And Daren, Alex, Allen, Daniel,and two girls (I had no idea who they were)...OH, and They brought Echo, and Lola (they're dogs)

Don't panic Daddy, your truck is fine...yes, we turned all the lights out when we left (he worked for the light company for 30+ years.."leaving lights on cost money")
and Lola(for those of you whom might of forgot Lola is a dog not one of our children) only pooped in the floor once, Alex cleaned it up...(grin)

So we road the storm out and we are all home safe and sound...

CRAZY HU??Blessings!!



Anonymous said...

Are you sure Alex got it ALL up? Just kidding. It is raining here this morning so no beech so far - but the day is young. Glad your dad's truck is ok! Miss you, see you sometimes Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is great. I love to see your posts. I am so glad that you have a great relationship with your family. So hard for people to remember that is is what is really important in life. I love my family and miss them terribly.