Tuesday, November 4, 2008

That's it?!!!

So today was the big day that we have heard so much about....commercials, extra mail, electronic phone calls, the great anticipated Election Day......So my plans were to get up earlier so I would have plenty of time to go and vote before work except the kids didn't have school thought it would be o.k. to sleep in a little longer this morning....Bad idea! My first appointment was at 10:00 and my eight year old daughter wanted to go to work with me, so we rushed out the door at 9:30 trying to vote and make it to work on time. Thankfully it wasn't to crowded and Cassie Marie was estactic that she was going to get to go in the booth with me while I voted. So as I placed my vote and hit the button my daughter looked at me with such disappointment and said REALLY LOUD with her little hands on her hips "THAT'S IT?!!!" Trying to push her out the door with whispers and giggles in the background she is very upset, and she says "Mom you mean that is it that's all you do when you vote?" and my response was "What did you expect bells and whistles?"
Well there wernt any bells and whistles, (only a sticker that said"I VOTED") only a very disappointed little girl that seem to expect confetti to pop out of the voting machine....pushing a button it was that simple...but what a wonderful privilege it is to live in a country that gives us that right...

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Anonymous said...

Someday Cassie will realize how many young lives have been changed and/or lost in order that we might have the privilege of voting. Maybe Uncle Richard or Mr. Poindexter can share some real life stories of their part in our country's freedom someday!