Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I like so many of you get a lot of e-mails and I must admit many of them I will trash before I read (I didn't say all I said many...I read all the emails you send me Mom:)) But a friend sent me this one last night and I have thought about it all day....It made me laugh at first and then it mad me a little sad inside and then the final emotion was shame, read and then I'll explain...

The window...

A young couple moves into a new neighborhood. The next morning, while they are
eating breakfast, the young woman sees her neighbor hang the wash outside.

'That laundry is not very clean,' she said, 'she doesn't know how to wash correctly.
Perhaps she needs better laundry soap.'

Her husband looked on, but remained silent.

Every time her neighbor would hang her wash to dry, the young woman would
make the same comments.

About one month later, the woman was surprised to see a nice clean wash on the
line and said to her husband, 'Look ! She has learned how to wash correctly.
I wonder who taught her this.'

The husband says, 'I got up early this morning and cleaned our windows.'

And so it is with life:
What we see when watching others depends on the purity of the window through which we look. Before we give any criticism, it might be a good idea to check our state of mind and ask ourselves if we are ready to see the good rather than to be looking for something in the person we are about to judge.
1. I have been the lady that "sees" the dirty laundry and comments....

2. I have been the lady that idly stands by and listens as someone comments on others laundry..

3. I have been the lady with that laundry....

God has worked on my heart, he has shown me through my own pain in life and many, many mistakes that we all have laundry, some like me mountains of it. But as Christians we are called to climb over the laundry and find the heart of that person and reach out....
Cleaning our windows daily with the Word!

Now to the Prayer part: I have a link on the right hand side of my blog called "Bring The Rain"
I must say it is one of my favorite's to read her name is Angie Smith and her story is incredible but her post today was GREAT!! It is called Seven Prayers A Day a must read if you are a parent so I encourage you to click on her site to the right and read...If you have time read her story it will bless you!


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