Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our Parade

If anyone knows where my small town is located they may question a parade, let me explain...I live in a very small community in Kentucky called Marrowbone and if you are passing through you would almost miss it if you blink your eyes, we are located on a stretch of highway 90 between here and there:) when I was a teenager I would say I couldn't wait to leave this tiny town and after living away for awhile I couldn't think of any other place I wanted to be but HOME, yes it's small but it is a great place to raise children, yes everybody knows everybody but if you are ever in need the whole community pulls together to help you...when I was younger I would never admit it but I do love this "tiny spot in the road" So when I moved back I was shocked that Marrowbone has a parade. There is a man that lives here in the community that everyone knows by the name of "Bean" I can't think of his real name off the top of my head but he has always lived in this community, I can't imagine Marrowbone without Bean it would be like Mayberry without Andy:)I can't say that I know anyone else that loves this small town more than Bean, it is not uncommon to be driving thorough Marrowbone on any given day and see Bean on his bicycle wearing "The Cat In The Hat" hat...I'm almost certain he could tell you every family that lives in this community , and if you would like to know the history, just ask Bean...So it was no surprise when my Mom told me Bean had started organizing a Christmas Parade, I'm thinking this is our 5th or 6th year maybe longer....So hats off to Bean for a great Parade, it was Great!!

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