Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving!! I am including lots of pictures today to give you a look at what our family did for Thanksgiving...a few I need to explain like my daughters picture...she REALLY REALLY wanted to have curls today and I promised her last night that we would put her hair up in sponge rollers when we got up this morning so it would be ready to take down before we went to eat at my parents house...time got away from me and 30 min. before it was time to leave her hair was still damp (I know I'm a hairdresser and I should have known her hair wouldn't be dry in time) I had a great idea make a homemade dryer like I use at my salon (a teacher taught us this trick while I was in beauty school and it really works) just take a plastic bag tie it around the head ,cut a small hole in the top stick your blow dryer in the hole and turn your dryer on whala! you now have a instant dryer (NOTE: TURN YOUR BLOW DRYER ON LOW COOL) so Cassie had curls!

We always go to my parents house for Thanksgiving dinner it can be a little LOUD at times with all the kids but it's always fun, My Mom aka Nana cracks me up she always request a list from everyone so she can have some ideas for Christmas not that she gets everything on the list but she likes to have ideas, so Nana has gotten organized this year she printed out blank wish list forms for everybody to fill out! My sister and I just looked at each other and cracked up...Nana always makes us laugh! I took a picture of the forum just to prove we officially have a wish list form to fill out now! so after a little eating and filling out forms we went outside , cause what would Thanksgiving be without tossing the old football? then there are a few shots of my two oldest nephews Alex and Allen.
So this is what we did for Thanksgiving day, spent it with each other, and while I watched all the kids eat, fill out wish list forms and play I wondered if they knew how time will fly by and it won't always be like this I never thought about it when I was their age how very precious these times are how blessed we are as a family to have each other, because there are so many that spent this very day alone, without family without a meal to share with someone they if you are reading this and have those special people in your life you are blessed, be thankful for that!

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