Sunday, March 7, 2010

This and That

It was absolutely beautiful here in Kentucky today...LOTS of sunshine, so I took a few pictures while we were out and thought I'd share them with you...

Cassie got to ride her horse today (bucky) and we are keeping a close eye on Tony's horse Callie Lou, she is due to have her baby any day now!!! The other pictures are random...The barn and a feed shed on the farm..the picture of the "flower arrangement" is actually willow that was grown right in my back yard, my Pastor and his wife raise willow and sell it to florist...and they gave me some yesterday when they were cutting...It is beautiful! The Fantail is my favorite! So there is my day..I promise I'll blog soon! Blessings!


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Anonymous said...

So nice to have seen you all while I was down. I love the willow!! Renee