Monday, February 22, 2010


So I have been informed that my last two post were depressing...

I had no intentions of being depressing.

So today a happy post not a long one but HAPPY!

I took a few pictures of one happy dog (and behind the camera one happy owner that loves this dog)

Pete my Chocolate Lab has returned home from the animal hospital and is on the road to recovery (he had pneumonia)

I normally don't let him in the house (I know thats hard to believe, since we had baby goats in the house for three weeks..(grin))

But because the weather here is cold and rainy, and because I love him so much (so does Husband) he gets to stay in the house til the weather warms up!

He sounds like a large horse clomping through the house but he never bothers a thing he's just take'n it all in!

So here he all his cuteness!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the upbeat post.
I know we all get down and out at times, but Life is still good! It's amazing the unconditional love that a dog can show. Bet he makes less of a mess in your house than the kids do (and the goats did)!
Keep the post coming. I love to read your blog. Miss being closer so I can see you all more.
Think Spring!!
Aunt Pam