Monday, March 15, 2010

The boys have begged forever that I let them buy Airsoft Guns, so I told them if they saved their money up they could buy them...

You must understand I watch "A Christmas Story" every year on T.V. and yes I am the Mother that says "You can't have a bb gun you'll shoot your eye out."

I really hated to see the UPS man coming down the drive that day because I knew he was bringing the dreaded eye-shooter-outer guns. The boys were so happy tearing into boxes..(while quietly I prayed under my breath that the plastic bb's had gotten lost)

But each box came with a gazillion bb's (which I pick up out of the floor on a daily basis)

So today when they all came in from school they decided the wanted to go outside and play "war" with their guns...I had visions of one eyed crying children.

I was cooking supper and had the news on and just as the last boy started out the door with a loud war cry I heard the news anchor say "Today an eleven year old boy was killed..he had been shot in the head with a bb gun)


So I herded them back in the house and said "did you just hear that? I told you those things are dangerous."

So here is the solution we came up with...(my kids tell me I am way over protective, and a little on the crazy side...I say you can never be to safe!)

They also say "Now the neighbors REALLY think we are crazy."

Oh well..It gives "Crazy ol' Mom peace of mind." (grin)Blessings!


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Lorie said...

You are right on about being protective. My husband had a childhood friend who shot his grandfathers eye out with a BB gun. How horrible. After saying all that, my boys have those air guns too. Orange little things all over my floor. Yes, especially when they had been home alone, the floor would be covered when We returned. Don't you just love boys! :) We are so blessed.