Monday, March 22, 2010

Pop, Cassie, Tractors and Rollers

The sun came out this weekend and Pop showed up with the tractor to turn our garden, I love this time of year things begin to green up and warm up..kinda.

The weather is still hit and miss.

Sunshine and cold.

But the garden being turned tells me it will soon be warm weather and I can't wait.

Cassie Marie spotted my Dad on the tractor Saturday and when I started looking for her and couldn't find her in the house I looked out the kitchen window and there she was...

When I took this picture I had to laugh..thinking to myself how much Cassie talks that's one way to let her ride the tractor without having to listen to the never ending talk...Pop could just smile and wave and enjoy the hum of the ol'Ford tractor.

And though she is such a tomboy at times she loves dressing up so with the flip of a switch she can go from riding in the bucket of a tractor, the bucket come complete with 100% cow poop included (and a little girl who could care less that she is setting in it)


A Princess wearing pillow rollers in her hair dreaming of singing for millions someday...

She actually sat up and had a rather lengthy conversation with me after I took this picture...which she will not remember because she was talking in her sleep...really I mean it when I say she loves to talk..even in her sleep. (grin)


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